Wednesday, January 19, 2005

my dreams and their reality

Last night I had a really weird dream I had some months ago:

I dreamt that I was driving down Houston Street in this really old, beat up
Toyota Corolla, and that I got into an accident with my friend Michel, who was driving this really old, beat up Toyota Camry. In my dream we didn’t know each other. Anyway, we both pulled over and I was furious so I started yelling at him because it really was his fault. He, on the other hand, was telling me to relax because in his words, he had REALLY good auto insurance. So he pulls out his cell phone, made a phone call and within minutes, three of those Progressive SUV’s showed up to take a look at the damage. After about an hour the people of Progressive decided that the damage was so bad that we should get a new car. Michel and I were really excited, so I stopped yelling at him. It was then that another one of those Progressive SUV’s showed up towing a brand new Porsche Cayenne for us. So we looked at each other and then at them wondering why there was only car, and that’s when the insurance people said that we were getting one car for the two of us; That they were replacing two crappy things for one very good one.

What does this all mean? I wonder….

Anyway, it’s been an interesting couple of days. Let me start by saying that it’s been f*cking cold! It’s been so cold that my motivation to be out with the rest of the world has diminished greatly. But luckily, these days when I’ve lacked motivation for anything, I have managed to push myself to do whatever it is that I’ve needed to do.

My mom came to NY Monday afternoon, so after hanging out with her for most of the day, I met some people at
DT.UT (although we had originally planned for Balthazar) and had a pretty good time. It was so cold out that it seemed like a better idea to drink tons of coffee- which we did- than any kind of alcohol. My favorite part though was this kick ass oatmeal cookie…Yummie!! (I know…so much for my diet).

After work yesterday, I had planned to go sign up for a philosophy class over at the
School of Practical Philosophy, but I didn’t get around to doing that because I wasn’t feeling very well so I just stayed home and went to bed early. I will definitely go today though. This is something that I really want to do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I have let work pretty much take over my life, and how it often seems that most of my outings are work related (or to the
gym) and I don’t like that very much. Now I have decided that I will go out more, I will work on expanding my circle of friends (although my current friends are good, I want more diversity in my circle) and I also want to do more things to challenge my ideas and broaden my mind.

I hear that the
Museo del Barrio is holding an exhibit this month on Latin American Portraiture and this is something that I am interested in seeing. I’ll go this weekend and write about it once I do.


I was listening to part of Condoleeza’s interview last night-specifically the part when Kerry was asking the questions and although I am not someone who is pro-Condoleeza in the least, I thought she expressed herself well and I felt bad for her. I thought that Kerry was being a jerk about the whole thing. I am not going to really get into this because like I said, I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I think that although Condoleeza is not necessarily the right person to be Secretary of State, had I been Kerry, I wouldn’t have tried so hard to put her down because at the end of the day she is an EXTREMELY intelligent and capable woman.

Now onto something a little lighter and definitely more mundane, yesterday I saw the picture of Melania Knauss’s wedding dress. WOW!

I have to give props to
Dior because the dress, although far too lavish for my taste, is amazing. It seems to me that this dress valued at $100,000+, is worth every penny. I can’t wait to look at the wedding ring now! Last month, when I met Melania I was blown away by her engagement ring. I can only imagine what Graf put together for her this time!

I wouldn’t mind being Melania. Though I would mind marrying a guy who is like 25 years my senior, always wears a suit and has weird hair.

Anyway, I am out for now. I’ll write again later!


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