Sunday, January 23, 2005

my glass is ALWAYS half full.

January 23, 2005

This weekend has been an adventure. I swear! So many inches of snow later, I'm happy to report that I survived the cold, the snow, and everything else that came with it (unless of course you count that fall I had in the middle of Lexington Avenue tonight on my way back home from the coffee house).

Anyway, I went to my first philosophy class Friday night and I loved it! It wasn't anything like the philosophy class I had in college which was based entirely in theory. This class focuses on the application of philosophy in real life settings. The whole prospect of it is very cool because it allows me to take what I know, expand on it and then use it on my daily life.

Because of that class, I was once again curious about exploring my spirituality, which I hadn't done since my days as a Wiccan. I went back and looked at
Michelle's blog and thought to myself that maybe in some level she was onto something with that active exploration of something so abstract as is spirituality. So I decided to try this out for a little bit. Because I have so many issues with my religion, Catholicism, I decided that I wouldn't waste my time trying to fulfill my spiritual needs there, and decided to stick to modern variations of ancient thought. Yesterday, before the storm, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a book my mom has been recommending me forever by Deepak Chopra called The Path to Love and made it my companion through the long snowy weekend.

I am nowhere near done reading the book because I am trying to really assimilate what's being discussed, but so far I like it a lot. There are some passages in there that really hit home, and the Rig Veda (which I read back in the day, but hardly understood) explained better and put into context, makes A LOT more sense. I am not going to get into it now, but I will definitely dedicate a posting to this book once I am done with it. Oh! And I have already selected the next author to help me in my spiritual quest: Osha.

Onto other things, my very good friend Sonia wrote to me again this weekend. She told me that she had decided to join the
Air Force upon completion of her college education this May, in order to train to become a linguist. Although I don't necessarily agree with her decision of joining the military, I have to say that I really respect her for that. It takes a lot of courage to go out and join the military during a time of war. I will really miss her though, even more than I do now. Meanwhile, Jonathan, my VERY good friend who is already in the military is leaving for Jordan on Wednesday. I wish he didn't have to go so far away, but looking at it on the bright side, I'm glad he is once again getting out of Boise, ID.

Anyway, today I got to hang out with some really nice people I met in my neighborhood recently. Who would have thought that by hanging out around here more I would find people I would want to hang out with! I feel like this is a very good thing: I am finding my first set of "adult" friends. Let's see how this develops.

Oh! And Dan got a dog. I know I was totally against it for a number of reasons, but since he already got it I figured I should be supportive. Plus Charlie (the dog) is house broken, and no longer a puppy so he won't be kept in the closet which is VERY good. They are coming over tomorrow so I'll take pictures of him then.

On a side note, I have also received some very nice emails regarding this blog. A lot of the people I invited to read what is very personal to me (this is after all like my journal) have shown real appreciation for my writings, and I am really happy about that. I hope I can continue to lead a somewhat interesting life so that I will always have something to write about...Even if this is something that causes some people stress :)

In any case, I am off to continue my conversation with Carlos now. I'll write again soon :D


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