Monday, February 07, 2005

Chicken wings and beer

Football: A bunch of barbarians kicking each others butts.
Superbowl Sunday: 1. An American tradition in which the vast majority of the male population of the U.S proceeds to act like hooligans in order to celebrate the ultimate display of athletic barbarism. 2. An advertiser’s dream.
*Source: Ana's brain

I have to say, I was kind of looking forward to watching the Superbowl last night complete with beer drinking and buffalo wing eating (I was being coerced by my employer to do so for the commercials) but unfortunately I didn’t get around to it.

Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous outside so I decided to go for a very long walk. I stopped by the supermarket, then by Starbucks, and then by Betsey Johnson. AHHHH!!! I hate to spend money but I love to buy things. Can someone please explain that one to me?? Daniela called me a shopaholic this morning. I am beginning to think that this description may not be so far away from the truth… Now I wonder if I can make my shopping tax-deductible….Hmmmm….

Anyway, after my walk, I went back home in the hopes that I would get to relax for a while before the game. I did. And then I got a headache. So like at 4 something I took 4 advils in the hopes that by game time my headache would have been gone, but what happened was that I fell asleep and I missed the entire game. Figures, huh? But on the upside, I didn’t care all that much. After not sleeping for a week, sleep in any form is welcome. If I were to turn into a narcoleptic right now, I would be okay with it. Plus I saved myself a whole lot of calories.

The only downside to missing the whole Superbowl experience was that I missed out on my chance of scoping out potential V-day dates. But then again, that would have been too easy.

But I hear the Patriots won the game. That’s too bad. Some of us here in New York feel that Boston is winning too much. May the Yankees reclaim the World Series, and may ANYBODY but New England win the Superbowl next year…I doubt we will have to worry about them kicking ass in any other sport ;)

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