Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nice weather-wholesome fun

So since Fabian and I didn't get to hang out like we had planned Friday night, we made a day of it on Saturday. After I went to my Phoilosophy class and grocery shopping, he came to meet me in my apartment, and after that, we proceeded to do standard NYC touristy stuff. He had gone to the Statue of Liberty earlier in the day, so we went to E*A*T Cafe for lunch, and then walked down Madison and up Fifth Avenue all the while we stopped at pretty much every other store.

Because the weather was so great, we even did the Central Park thing. That was my favorite part of the day in all honesty. It was cool.

Fabian & I in Central Park

After that, we had planned to go that evening, but you know how it is...We agreed to take an hour nap and I guess an hour became more like six because next thing I knew my phone was going off an at ungodly hour to even start getting ready. So I slept and I slept like a baby!!!

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