Friday, February 04, 2005

Dreams for an insomniac

I need sleep REALLY bad. For the third time this week I have gotten absolutely no sleep. Quitting afternoon coffee hasn’t helped, and quitting tea as well. I tried melatonine, alcohol, sheep counting and prayer all to no avail. I have wasted countless hours of valuable sleep, tossing, turning and pondering the meaning of life and I don’t like it! Pretty soon I’ll start hallucinating and I’ll turn into one of those freakish people wondering around whose own names they can’t even remember!

My plan for tonight is to go to bed REALLY late, which shouldn’t be so hard considering I’m going to the opening of Urs Fischer’s show at Margherita’s gallery and then I get to hang out with Daniela’s flat mate, Fabian, who is visiting NY on business from the UK. From what I hear, the guy is quite a party animal. Lucky me! I feel like the unofficial tour guide of everyone looking for entertainment in NYC- even people I have never actually met.

I just ate the best tasting oatmeal cookie I’ve had in a very long time. Although the fine people of Pax manage to get my salads wrong every single day of the week, they never screw up the cookies. THANK GOD! Lately I seem to be eating a lot of sweets. I really should cut that out, seeing how that’s hardly healthy. For a week straight I was going to Dylan’s Candy Bar every single day looking for those dark chocolate covered malt balls I like so much (okay I was seriously PMSing) and then just when I thought I had gotten my desire for chocolate out of my system (or at least under control), my new buddy Eddie proceeded to introduce me to the kick ass chocolate-chocolate cake drowned in chocolate syrup from Teodora last night. Yummie. So good! Maybe the reason I’m not sleeping is because lately I seem to be living on a permanent sugar high…hmmmmmmm

Well anyway, I noticed that my poor blog is looking like it’s in desperate need of some pictures. I have stuffed my camera in my bag along with the other 800 useless things I have in there, and I am on a mission to take more pictures from now on. Be on the look out for those! This weekend will be very action-packed…I hope I document it well : )

In the meantime keep on swimming, keep on swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.

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