Thursday, February 17, 2005

Save The Plaza!

So I was at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists scholarship banquet last night at The Plaza Hotel, and I found out that this was to be one of the last functions to take place there before they turn what is in fact a NYC landmark into condos in two weeks-supposedly the most expensive condos in real state history. I was really saddened by the experience to be honest with you as The Plaza is like a symbol of NY, and it's something that's been there forever. I personally have had my share of firsts there: The first time I went to high tea, the first dinner party I ever went to with my parents, my first event as an event manager was held there, etc.

I am going to miss the place. The 600 people who are going to get laid off to make this condo idea happen will probably miss it too. Hell, even Mayor Bloomberg is against this idea! Yesterday morning over a thousand people picketed in protest (read about it here). Though I wasn't there, I'd like to join in this protest.


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