Monday, February 21, 2005

"I'd miss you even if we never met!"- The Wedding Date

So this weekend was a long weekend, and a slow weekend all at the same time. I was so tired that up until sunday, I didn't have much energy to do anything. Margherita came over Saturday night with every intention of making dinner, but after my little granola binge I wasn't up for food so we just watched a movie: Hope Springs.

The epitome of a shitty movie!

Let me be the first to say that this movie SUCKS! I don't know what was worse if the plot, the actors- Colin Firth, Minnie Driver and Heather Graham, or the fact that like idiots we sat there and watched the ENTIRE thing. EEK!!

On Sunday, Margherita and I had decided to walk over to
Macy's and check out the sales. Because Margherita is in serious need of furniture, and I'm in serious need of curtains and a coffee table, we thought that this would be the ideal place to go to- particularly because of the Presidents' Day Sales. So we head over there...First we stopped at 3 Guys Restaurant for brunch. I don't know why they call it restaurant if it's really a diner, but anyway...then we started walking and thought that it might be cool to cross to the West Side through Central Park, so we did. Now, that probably wouldn't have taken 3 hours, except that our simple minds were quickly mesmerized by the Shakesperean Gardens and then Belvedere Castle-all adorned by The Gates.

Just your everyday Rapunzels!

Once we finally found Central Park West and left the park, we found this really cool flea market on 77 St. and Columbus Ave. We just HAD to stop there. It was cool, they were selling alot of vintage clothing, and tapestries and a lot of natural products. Being the tree-hugging-hippies we are when it comes to our food and skin care we bought all kinds of stuff. It was there that I feel in love with this really cool Indian tapestry. It's gorgeous, but I'm still thinking about it. After that we went to
Starbucks, Fishs Eddy, and then we went to Urban Outfitters.

We never made it to Herald Square. We are both such hardcore shopping enthusiasts that we got distracted with all the stores along the way and made it only to 68th Street and Broadway. This is where we decided to just stop and watch a movie. Because of the time, we ended up watching The Wedding Date.


I'd read some less than favorable reviews about this movie from the Eberts and Roepers of the world, but I thought that although it was unrealistic as hell it was very endearing. It had some funny moments, and it also had just the right amounts of British slang (ie- bloke, chap, shag, stags and hens). Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney were just THAT cute. I think it's worth the $10.50. I'm such a sucker for those unlikely love stories...this may be 'cause I'm still waiting for my own...

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Chokomokolatura said...

Nice day out...I hope to have one as fun in NYC soon when we head up for our next gig..I of course hope you show up for it..oh, and I'm baaaaaaack!