Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Erase and rewind.

So spring is finally here, and it seems like Mother Nature has taken it seriously because the weather has improved dramatically (at least here in NYC). I feel good about that. Now I have the April showers to look forward to in preparation to the flowers that May will bring. I am okay with that.

I am also okay with that as a metaphor for life. The bad must be endured before the good can fall into place; even if what’s good is always relative and we may not realize it’s the best thing for us at a given time because we are secretly hoping for something else.

This past couple of weeks, I had been revisiting the idea of fighting for what I want. Of doing something COMPLETELY unlike me in the hopes that I would finally get what I’ve now wanted for some time. But as luck would have it, technology was made available to me to get a head start on this project (i.e.- internet based spying). It is now that I realize that what I want is not in the cards for me.

I’m sad. Sure. But I know that it’ll stop raining on me soon enough and I’ll then be able to enjoy the flowers. There are always flowers. Even if they are not the sunflowers or daisies I’m so crazy about, after the April showers May will certainly bring me flowers.


Edwin R. said...

You spoke too soon... We are supposed to get snow tonight into tomorrow :P Yesterday was beautiful tho :)

scott S said...

Sometimes the passions of our hearts are quelled by reasoning of our minds. It’s hard to say which is the better choice, to live a life lead by our hearts or our brains. A life lead by our heart is sure to be more passionate, but with passion comes almost certain pain.
Our minds are wise enough to protect itself from this pain, but with protection our hearts become cold.
Sometimes the things that our heart wants isn’t the best thing for us… but who’s to say this isn’t the reasoning of our minds?
Damn, it’s hard to say which is right.

mrsmogul said...

I bring the flowers in! Buy some at the local bodega and plop some in a vase where you can see them? Bedroom or livingroom, DO IT NOW! LOL:)

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