Thursday, April 28, 2005

100 Things about me.

  1. I was born during a hurricane- Hurricane David.
  2. My father wanted a son so badly, that even after they told him I was a girl he continued to call me David for another week until my mother flipped out and held me naked in front of his face until he called me Ana.
  3. I have to eat every 4 hours. If I don't, I get cranky and then sick.
  4. Until we were about ten years old, Ivan and I looked so much alike in such an androgynous kind of way, that people thought we were identical twins.
  5. I was a chubby kid who grew to be an overweight teenager.
  6. When I was 22 I got tired of being fat and worked towards becoming the person I am today.
  7. When I was 10 I told my mom that it was necessary that I learned German. She laughed it off and said that German was a useless language to speak and that I should concentrate in stuff I would actually use.
  8. When I was 20 my family moved to Hamburg, Germany. I spoke no German.
  9. I believe in reincarnation. As a 12-year-old I went to Europe with my mom for the first time. When we arrived in Paris I recognized a city I'd never visited and spoke a language I'd never learned.
  10. I met Yvette when I was 13. She was the best friend I've ever had. I was terrified of her when I first met her. With ups and downs, we've managed to remain friends ever since.
  11. I got into theatre when I was 13. Update: I lost interest in theatre when I was 21.
  12. I met Dan in acting class. We've been friends ever since. He now has a new girlfriend. This upsets me. Update: He has since broken up with the aforementioned girlfriend and gone through about 3 more. The most current girlfriend is not comfortable with our friendship. He has lied to her about me. I don't care that he has a girlfriend, but it bothers me that he has to lie to her about me. Update #2: He is now married and expecting twins.
  13. When I moved to Cambridge, England to study, it rained for a month straight. I called home everyday to tell them that I wanted to go home. The day my step father came to help me pack, the sun came out and I refused to leave.
  14. During this time, I won the International Time Warp dance contest in London's West End .
  15. This is also when I had my very first European boyfriend. A Scotsman named Moe.
  16. …and I picked up smoking.
  17. While I was an exchange student in Paris, the day before I returned, I went to Montmartre for one last visit. As I was running up the stairs I missed a step and rolled all the way down. I arrived back in NJ wearing a cast.
  18. I played softball in High School. I was the best bench warmer the town ever had.
  19. I went to college in 3 different countries and went through 5 different majors: Literature, Urban Planning, Pre-law, Psychology and Government/Politics.
  20. I've danced inside a cage. Yvette and I went to a club in Miami that was holding a cage dancing contest. The rest is history. Update: There aren't very many places where I haven't danced...
  21. I've had my belly button pierced 3 times through the same spot-each time in a different country.
  22. I got my one and only tattoo when I was 15. Yvette was holding my hand.
  23. I've sang in front of people.
  24. The first time I went to Oktoberfest I managed to leave equally as sober as I was when I first arrived.
  25. I've broken the same leg 3 times.
  26. I get car sick…unless I am driving.
  27. I got my first car as a birthday gift when I turned 15- A 1995 Silver BMW 525i. I still wasn't old enough to get a license. The cops in my town were dying to bust me.
  28. Although I drove everywhere, and everyone knew me and my car, I never got caught.
  29. When I finally turned 17 and was old enough to take the driving test, I failed the written part.
  30. I've been in one serious car accident. I was 23. It was on my way to Amsterdam.
  31. I currently hate to drive.
  32. I walk everywhere as long as the distance is 50 NYC blocks or less. Update: I don't walk nearly as much as I did before. Third world living made me lazy. Update #2: Living in Miami has been even worse for my walking than living in the third world.
  33. I have two alter egos: Ana Jessica Parker and Donatella Fernandez. They keep me stylish.
  34. I believe in retail therapy.
  35. I have had 4 father figures: a biological father and 3 step fathers.
  36. I have 2 brothers, 1 half sister, and 17 step siblings I've accumulated over the years.
  37. I don't believe in holding grudges.
  38. I fell in love for the first time when I was 15.
  39. I used to be a serial dater.
  40. The best first date I ever had was with a guy who turned out to be Republican. I never saw him again. Update: I did see him again...he is now a lawyer who is married to someone equally Republican.
  41. At a political fundraiser a year and a half ago, I almost fell but Bill Clinton caught me.
  42. I found the person I believe to be my soul-mate when I was 24. Update: He may be my soul-mate but I don't want him in my life anymore.
  43. I've dated two other people since. Update: It's been more than two...
  44. After the date with the first guy, I felt stupid and pissed off. The motherfucker accidentally ran over my Prada sunglasses.
  45. After the date with the second guy, I cried.
  46. I sing in the shower.
  47. I quit watching TV after they cancelled Friends. Update: I've discovered Law and Order in all of its variations. Update #2: I no longer watch TV per se (no time) but I do watch Gossip Girl and How I met Your Mother online when I have a chance.
  48. I don't know how to cook. Update: I learned how to cook mostly gourmet stuff. It doesn't look like gourmet food though. Great taste, horrible presentation.
  49. I am allergic to all fish but salmon. Update #2: And Gluten...
  50. I want to write a book.
  51. I want to work for the UN.
  52. I work in Public Relations. Update: I've since been unemployed, a consultant, a teacher, and am now entering the amazing world of high end real estate.goodie! Update #2: I have been working as a writer now for like 2 years.
  53. I am a sucker for celebrity gossip.
  54. The week before Manuel del Cabral died, he wrote a poem for me every day. Because he had Alzheimer's he thought he was always writing me a new one but it was always the same one.
  55. My favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Dylan Thomas.
  56. I am biased towards smart people.
  57. I have no patience for stupidity.
  58. I count on my pictures to remind me of how I've felt.
  59. I've only had one roommate, Angie, and that was in college. Update #2: Vilma asked to stay over for a few days and that turned into 6 months. I now have had 2 roommates.
  60. I quit drinking actively after I got alcohol poisoning December 26, 2004. I got sick after 2 drinks. Update: I remembered how much I liked vodka with club soda. Greygoose and I have become great fiends and my nickname at parties is "Ana Bartender". Update #2: I now drink on ocassion and it's usually wine.
  61. I haven't partaken in anything illegal in a while now.
  62. Kissing is probably one of my favorite things to do. I don't do it as often as I'd like.
  63. I think about moving to Miami at least twice a week. Update: I now live in Miami.
  64. I hate Miami. Update: Not so much anymore...
  65. Once I gave up chocolate for six months. It was a deal I had with God.
  66. Funny thing is, I don't really believe in the concept of a God. Update: If faith comes at times of desperation, I am desperate. Update #2: Not so desperate anymore...
  67. I trained to be an FBI agent.
  68. Hillary Clinton hugged me.
  69. Most people agree that at first glance I look bitchy and am over protective of myself.
  70. I have small feet- size 6.
  71. I think that Beyonce is fat and that J.Lo's ass is in some serious need of some squats.
  72. I read about a book a week. Update: More like a book a month... Update #2: Do textbooks count?
  73. Sometimes I don't answer my phone just because I don't feel like it.
  74. My father is someone I'm not interested in having as a part of my life.
  75. Whenever I watch a movie I need to have popcorn. Update: This is only true when I am at the movies.
  76. I eat salad for lunch everyday. Update: I eat salad with lunch everyday...I have discovered other more fattening yet satisfying alternatives.
  77. When I am really sad, I write poetry. Update: When I am really sad I party.
  78. I am numerically challenged. Update: I love to play with calculators.
  79. I am a nomad. After I've lived somewhere for anywhere between 9 months and 3 years, I have to move.
  80. I've never had a cavity. Update: I had the first one at 28.
  81. I am too lazy to shave my legs. I get them waxed.
  82. My all time favorite song is Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.
  83. I didn't know how to work an iPod until I bought one for myself and that was 4 days ago. Udate: That iPod died after a year and a half. I've recently bought the Nike iPod combination thingie. Loving it! Update #2: I've lost that thing like 3 times. I am done playing with it!!
  84. I call my mother by her first name unless I want something, in which case I use "mama".
  85. It's taken a long time to get to this point, but my mom is my best friend.
  86. This year I spent my entire tax refund on clothes. Update: This year I took a trip and partied with my NY friends
  87. Last year I had to pay taxes so in retribution I got something pierced. Update: Last year it was clothes. Update #2: This year I have to pay the IRS :(
  88. I still haven't been to India…
  89. When I die, I would like to be cremated.
  90. Short people don't strike me as interesting.
  91. I have been a teacher.
  92. I am not a follower.
  93. I hate Reggaeton.
  94. I don't want to be a part of Corporate America. Update: I am part of Corporate America.
  95. I am going to name my first daughter Fiona Emilia (or Fiona Maria) Update: or Martina Cecilia.
  96. I've sailed on the Phocea twice.
  97. I wish on stars, birthday cakes, chicken bones
  98. I was a vegan from age 10-16, then I became a carnivore again, then now I am a vegetarian. Update: Chicken and turkey are okay and I've eaten italian sausages twice each time resulting in serious food poisoning!
  99. I am an insomniac Udate: A lot of the time I sleep like a baby...
  100. At this point in my life, I don't believe in sex without love. Update: ... if you made it here and you have questions, comments, etc. drop me a line :)

Whoa! I am tired...this took a while.


newspell said...

your life is beautiful. it's interesting reading these... some people disclose everything you could ever want to know about their sex life, but leave out who they are. i feel like i kinda know who you are... of course, not everything is listed, but a general idea.

Jamie Dawn said...

100 things...I'll bet you're worn out. I thought they were interesting. Your dad really wanted a boy, but I'm sure he's glad he has you. My daughter is in driver's training and I hope she doesn't fail her test to get her license. She'll cry for sure.

Bracuta said...

Regarding number 13, had I been your step dad I would've kicked your a** all the way home...
Just kidding!

Anoop said...

I can tell you that even reading it took quite a while. :)

Indeterminacy said...

This is one list I've read that paints an interesting sketch, but also leaves enough mystery to intrigue. Well done!

Robert_M said...

I find you fascinating

Tank said...

That's one long list, but fascinating. I've always found people interesting (well interesting people at least) the boring ones are background noise.

Ever think about entering politics?

annush said...

you guys are all sweet...

I have thought about entering politics. Once. The day I wrote this posting:

But then I changed my mind. I figured there had to be a better way.

Sharron said...

What an amazing and interesting life you've had to far. I must get to Europe one day...soon!

I am right there with you on #47 and #75. I never watch TV anymore since Friends ended. Except the occasional CSI episode or the cooking channel.

'Landslide' old friend of mine that I miss very much introduced me to that song years ago and I still love it very much. It has a special place in my heart because of her.

Great list!

val said...

bueno, despues de leer esto no hay nada mas q preguntar q... hola, como estas? =)

K said...

100 good reasons why you're the beautiful lady you are today! Thank you for letting us in.

aBitWicked said...

I loved your list! it would take my like forever to do one of my own, but after reading yours Im motivated

lccb144 said...

It's funny. I don't know you (except for this blog) but we definetly have a few things in common... and you have had some incredibly interesting experiences!!! I'm glad you have a blog and I found my way here.

whitneydonkey said...

i love your list. i think you have had great experiences and have come away with great insight and a positive attitude!

DeLa said...

very nice list. I too am glad i have found my way to your blog. I check for updates daily.

Ralph_Wolf said...

I think everyone with a blog should write something like this... I think I’ll write one myself. The exercise of digging up stuff about yourself and acknowledging it, must be a soothing experience.

_android[ette] said...

_Ditto on #s: 69, 71, 74 & 80. Is like a big part of my list.

Marle said...

we totally have #74 in common

Tek said...

You are a fascinating person. I enjoy your site immensely.

Krish said...

I can't believe this is the first time I see this page... Nothing surprises me anymore...great are amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

nice, good read

vicpichardo said...

oops, forgot to sign in...

nice, good read. very interesting.

yasmilka said...

i really like your blog
ur a very interesting individual whom id like to get to know!

You never did explain why you hate Miami?

Bobs said...

Feliz Cumpleanos desde Holanda. Love your blog.
If I see ya I'll say hello next time i'm at the Malecon. Cuidate.

nascosta said...

about #48, uhmm, dont you have a recipes blog?

caminante said...

la verdad es que su vida es interesante me he quedado plasmado, en especial con lo del viaje a europa que dices haber reconocido una ciudad y haber hablado un idiomas que no habias aprendido
me gustarian mas detalles sobre ese punto. gracias

Marcazo said...

Mira no se ni como llegue a este blog la verdad que solamente estaba husmeando por internet y nada he tropezado contigo y me pareces tan familiar que ni lo puedo creer... vivo en Miami igual que tu y como te he dicho antes me he quedado horrorizado de cuantas cosas tenemos en comun,:-) Nada que me encantaria conocerte de alguna otra forma... dime como me puedo comunicar contigo...mandarte una foto, dejarte una nota o regalarte un acorde de guitarra...

Marcazo said...

;-) Perdona el impulso pero quizas eres tu... y no quisiera perderte en el bullicio cibernetico, o en la multitud de miradas vacias a la que nunca me acostumbrare

annush said...