Monday, April 18, 2005

Fun in the sun.

This past weekend was probably the best weekend I’ve had in a long time:

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, I saw a tree completely covered in little white flowers.

Friday night I ate ice cream until my stomach hurt.

Saturday, I went to have lunch with grandma, for a long walk around Central Park with Dan and then at night I was at Solas celebrating Kristhina’s birthday. I had a VERY good night. My favorite part (that I can write about at least) was running into the Republican ex and his fashion impaired also Republican girlfriend. One of the things that mystify me about men is how it is that they can be with someone and shamelessly flirt with somebody else…even if that is the dreaded liberal ex... hmmm…

Anyway, on Sunday, Margherita and I were at the street fair in Union Square, where we proceeded to eat everything, and then we went to a BBQ at Eve’s place where we had the chance to chill with some pretty amazing people and then eat some more.

I have a new real-life role model: Sandy.

I love it when it’s warm. I’m in such good mood!

The other day I picked up My Sister’s Keeper, a book by Jodi Picault. After days of reading every free moment I had, I finally finished the book today right before my lunch break.

I spent the following hour crying hysterically.

It’s been a while since any publication has had that kind of effect on me. Needless to say, I highly recommend it. Should you choose to read it, when you get to page 400 go get yourself some tissues. Once you get to the end, before you consider killing yourself because you are so damn depressed, give me a call.

Alright that’s enough for now. I want a cookie.

me : )


Odisea Burbujas said...

Hey Lady,

Thanks for commenting on my blog ... I thought I'd return the favor ... I loved your last post about the Man Dates ... and I loved how it freaked out so many men ... I love the way you think lady ... And I like you too ... ;-)

Ain't nothing bigger than Jupiter ... Gays In Space ...

K said...

I'm glad your weekend was just as beautiful as mine.

Your body must be a machine!! How can you eat all that shit and not gain a pound? I envy your metabolism.

Ex-flirting, I've never had that feeling but I'm sure it was a good feeling to know you're not with a creep like that anymore.

annush said...

don't envy my metabolism...were you to have it you'd probably wanna kill yourself! I have to eat rabbit food and then exercise as if I really were a machine...but every once in a while I must indulge in the good things in life (namely people food).
i am glad your weekend was good...i am going to go rea about it now :D


mrsmogul said...

Hey A, I love SOLAS! I know the owner!

annush said...

hahaha that's so should have him/her hok me up with some drinks next time :P

btw- I walked past Benny's Burritos on my way to Eve's and thought of you :)

Nome said...

Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors. I have just about all of her books.

If you liked My Sister's Keeper, you may want to try The Pact, Keeping Faith, or Plain Truth. Those are all fantastic.

Thanks for visiting my blog!