Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jesus walks!

First and foremost I want to wish all of you a happy 4-20!! :D

Then I want to ask you to take a moment to think about the Columbine tragedy.

And now that we got all the housekeeping stuff out of the way, I have to take a moment to bitch and whine about Ratzinger as Pope.

Okay, so maybe I’m not exactly a poster child for Catholicism, but still…I have to get this off my chest. Now, I have nothing against Germans as a whole (I love them!), but I do wonder why they picked as Pope someone who comes from a country where only 35% of the population is Roman Catholic and from a continent where Catholicism is in decline when some of the other candidates for the papacy came from areas like Africa and Latin America where Catholicism is either growing tremendously or is the number one religion. I also wonder why they would pick as Pope someone with such intolerant views on things such as people’s sexual orientation and who thought it was okay that Cardinal Bernard Law said a mourning mass for John Paul II.

I understand that Catholicism is very intolerant of very many things, which is very unfortunate because it could use it’s sphere of influence to do far more good than it has thus far, and one would think that given this chance to select a Pope who moves with the times, they would have jumped at the chance. However, it seems to me that instead of providing us with a Pope who can show some kind of progressive thinking that can somehow be woven into religious doctrine, the Church is looking to remain as if we were living in an alternative time in an alternative space. Hmmm….

That’s my opinion.

Anyway, last night I realized that I’ve once again become a vegetarian. I am still wondering if that’s a good thing.


Chelle said...

Hey, I totally agree with you, and furthermore, I love the way you wrote about it. It's very objective and doesn't seem to feed off of negativity. Simply an honest view.

Vegetarian... and you are WONDERING IF that's a good thing? Lemme see... it has endless benefits for body and mind and mood... :) I for one prefer the way I feel now than before I went green. Go veggies!

Las Chicas de Bonches Sociales said...

I Agree!!!! I also wanted to invite you to our party this Saturday April 23@ Arka Lounge(4488 Broadway & 192nd St) I hope you can attend

Kat from Bonches

PusBoy said...

Giving up meat is always a bad idea. :) Stick with lean meats like chicken just so you can get some natural taurine.

I think after a few months, most people wiill realize that what the Pope says and what they do often don't match, and then they'll realize they don't care.

Gabemaster said...

Annush, is nice to agree with you once in a while hehehe

I understand your frustration with the church but I am not surprised with them. First, is a religious institution and like Judaism, Islam and other Christians they embrace the past and old values and traditions and quiver with the idea of changing them. Think about it, as you probably know John Paul II was the first non Italian to be Pope in 455 YEARS!. So you know is gonna be a while for a non European to be God's "PR Rep" on earth. You want them to be progressive and pick people with more tolerant views on certain issues like gays but I doubt we will live long enough to see it. These are the same people who not only brought the inquisition but then took more than 100 years to admit they were wrong. These are the same people who waited until 1959 to officially end their centuries old practice of CASTRATING pre teen boys in order to keep them in their church choirs. And since this guy was John Paul's right hand man and is 78 they figured they'll keep him for 10 or 15 years and then maybe they'll transition to some one else. But if they pick an African or Latino I don't see how much of a difference it will make with the church's view or values, again I don't think we'll live to see it.

As far as you becoming a vegetarian, you GO GIRL!!!!....More meat for the rest of us :D hehe

Take Care