Monday, April 11, 2005

Talking to strangers.

I'm Back!!
I hope y'all missed me :)

Thank you so much for the e-mails and nice comments wishing me a speedy recovery. It took a little bit, but I am fine now. I am very lucky that I'm generally in such good health because otherwise who knows what would have happened to me. In any case, last Monday, at my mom's request, I went to recover to Santo Domingo. Let me just say that getting on a plane when you are weak and have a migraine is a REALLY bad idea. But I was glad to go and leave the cold behind. Had it not been because I spent the better part of the week bruised and in pain,I would have considered it a vacation!

Towards the end of the week, as I started to feel better and rejoined the rest of humanity, I had the opportunity to see some old friends and make some new ones. The Dominican Bloggers, who are more social with each other than any other set of bloggers I know, had a few gatherings during my visit and last Friday night (at what they called the iBlog party) I had the opportunity to meet Bracuta, Chio, Alex, and Paz as well as spend some time with Os, and Fico who I already knew. That was very cool! It's very interesting to meet in the flesh people who have shared through their writings so much about themselves. Standing there, I felt a little bit…exposed.

In any case, this is something I am officially open to from now on: Meeting bloggers (but only the ones I like).


Last Girl On Earth said...

Gosh Annush, I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like your trip was a blast... I can't imagine going to a gathering of bloggers. I know what you mean about feeling "exposed"! But I hope to meet everybody at one of my upcoming shows in their area sometime!

BTW... the Versace dress on my blog was actually worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Last Guy super-imposed my head onto her shoulders! But it was a great dress, wasn't it?) Anyhow, get all better soon and enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it!

mrsmogul said...

Hey there! I didn't even know you were sick! I spent this week at my-inlaws! Glad you are well. Cool that you got to meet bloggers.

annush said...

Deni- The trip got good towards the end...the first four days i was miserable...but i am feeling better. Thanks!
I'll go to your show...just let me know when.
As for the dress, I knew it was Catherine Zeta- Jones. She has it in black, Beyonce in green and Christina Aguilera in orange ;)

Mrs. Mogul- I know you were at your in-laws! I loved your postings from there :)