Tuesday, May 03, 2005

my nails are painted pink.

I am finally going away tomorrow and I am absolutely positively elated. This vacation couldn’t have come at a better time as these days I’ve found myself more exhausted and less enthusiastic about life than I usually am. Definitely not a good thing.

In preparation for my trip, I have turned myself into a “domestic diva”- hence the reason why I haven’t posted anything of substance in the last few days. On Sunday I was doing laundry all day long, yesterday I was pressing clothes for what seemed like forever (and I continued pressing even after I ran out of starch- OH THE HORROR!), then I packed and today, in preparation for my parents’ arrival, I woke up at an ungodly hour to clean and I'm sorry to report that I am not yet done.

But all things being considered, I am in extremely good spirits.

Yesterday I had a long phone conversation with my mom, and she is so happy about Gus’s graduation that I spent most of the conversation telling her to quit crying. I don’t know what it is about all the women in my family crying when they are happy though I have yet to see one crying when they are sad. Go figure! She also told me that she is extremely upset over the fact that she won’t be home when Katerina- one of our dogs- gives birth. Deep down I know that if she could either bring Katerina with us or move our trip to be there for her she totally would. As cool of her as this is, I find it just a little disconcerting.
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In any case, I am just worried about the fact that we might end up with 5 additional dogs aside from the 3 we currently have. She does not intend to give up any of the puppies. Our home shall become a zoo.

But this conversation reminded me that Mother’s day is this coming Sunday and I’ll be with both my mom and my grandma. God help me! Well, actually, that probably won’t be so bad. I’m just annoyed about the fact that aside from all the other stuff I have to do, I have to go buy them each a present. I really don’t mind cause I love them both (more my mom than grandma because my grandma is WEIRD) but I don’t really have time to wander around all over God’s creation looking for the ideal gift for two women who have everything!

Then again, I love my mom…
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mom and me

Anyway, as this is probably the last post opportunity I’ll have to write for a bit, this is where I say my au revoir until I either come back in two weeks, or stumble across a computer (and I don’t intend on going out of my way to find one).

I’ll miss you.



Elijah said...

Annush, i like your choice of movies, you romantic vixen you..lol, enjoy your vacation!

mrsmogul said...

Have a great time. Go to an internet cafe if you can!:)

Odisea Burbujas said...

Have fun! Don't do nothing (or anyone) I wouldn't do ...

Anoop said...

Bon Voyage.
You are lucky to be with the nature for the next two weeks. Enjoy the time.

Chokomokolatura said...

buen viaje...cuideselo..=)

K said...

I'll miss you tons. Take some pics to share when you return.

Puppies are so adorable. I wanna see them too.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hope your trip is good..or was good, since you're probably not reading this until afterwards.
You survived your wierd grandma, I suppose.
Hope the puppies and Katerina are healthy.

Tank said...

Hope you enjoy your trip!! I'm so jealous that you get to go away!

Sharron said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Rachel said...

I just finally made it to check out your blog and I can't wait to read more! Have a safe trip!! You mom sounds so sweet. Does she want another daughter? ;-)

Weary Hag said...

So glad you're getting the chance to go away. We all need that!
By the way, I really appreciated your comments on my post the other day. I hope I didn't offend you, but differences of opinion are what make the world go around.
I'll miss stopping in here for the next couple of weeks for sure!
Enjoy your trip and just think, when you return, you'll have new puppies in your life ~ how sweet is that?

PusBoy said...

Turn off the phone, relax, and have an excellent trip.