Thursday, May 26, 2005

Welcome to Miami...Bienvenido a Miami

So in a very unexpected fashion, work has brought me to Miami today. It's been a looooong day!
I am supossed to be meeting with he who must not be named this weekend...or so we agreed.

Everyone just cross your fingers for me. This could very well kill me.

In the words of Mr. Ray Charles:

I've been there before
and I will try it again
Any fool, any fool knows
That there is no way to win

Here we go again
he'll break my hart again
I'll play the part again
one more time.

Back to the sun I go...I need my Vitamin D.


dan said...

Don't get too much vitamin D. Sun burn is...aaaaarrrgghhh.

Have a good weekend.

Anoop said...

What are you? A globe trotter? ;)

mrsmogul said...

Have a fab time!! I love Miami!!! Oh uh, I feel a post coming on!!

Vince said...

Fingers, toes and testicles crossed.

Tank said...

Miami??? I'm jealous!!! Enjoy it

Anonymous said...

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