Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My God is cool :)

I don’t really believe in the concept of a God per se; however, very much like the next person, I like to think that when I am going through a rough patch or I am in over my head there is a higher power that will inevitably step up to the plate and bat for me when I no longer feel like I can.

My version of God isn’t the benevolent looking bearded old man my religion would consider appropriate, or even the God embodied by
Alanis Morisette in Dogma. When I think of God, and I try to put human features in what should be perfection, I think of a really smart, confident, hot chick (think Angelina Jolie) clad in leather pants, a white wifebeater, and big black shades.

In my mind, she is a trust worthy almighty.

I don’t like (most) women all that much. In my experience, I have found that women are not very good to each other and often get…errr….carried away with unimportant things. But the God I believe in is a woman because I don’t have a trace of doubt that it takes a woman to create life and to nurture it. My God is a woman because she is a fighter, and she can stand her ground even when her choices aren’t the most popular. My God is a woman because no matter how intense, or even arrogant, you can always count on a woman to express sensitivity and hope. My God is a woman because of all the women that I know who have had it tough and could have chosen to give up, none of them have.

Everyday I get a number of emails from people who read this blog and don’t necessarily feel like commenting here. Most of the people who write to me are women who read what I write and find between my mess of words something they can relate to and as a result consider me their “friend” and at times even their “role model”.

I am not a role model, though I don’t mind being someone’s friend. But I do think that if we must look for comfort outside of what we know, maybe we should look for the smart hot chick in leather pants and black shades within us so that even if all else fails we are at least going in the right direction.

My version of God is the kind of woman I wish I were. I wanted to share her with you so that maybe she can motivate you to find the kind of person you would like to be.


LocuTus of Borg said...

Women Are The Island of Life.

'nuf said!

Elijah said...

Believe me Annush, your posts are always full of meaning, just because us men make a wisecrack about your looks or something doesnt mean we dont hear you, you are wise beyond your years...nice post, but I'm still waiting on another picture....:]

: ]

Sharron said...

This was a great post with a very powerful message. Well said!

And yeah, Angelina is damn good in my book too.

K said...

Remember that woman are all encompassing also. My God is omnipresent.

The description of your God sounds so real. I'd like to see more beauty in the women that surround me but I think it's best to say I need to look to myself first.

You're a beautiful lady A.

mw said...

I like the rationale...I'll add one more:

because women still get the job done when they're sick. (said with tongue in cheek)

Toad734 said...

If God was Angelina Jolie I would totally start going to church!

geekgrrrl said...

That was a beautiful post! You have a such a gift for being able to so eloquently express your thoughts. :)