Wednesday, June 22, 2005

on men...

Last night, against my better judgment, I went out on what might or might not be considered a date with an Austrian guy I met on the subway a few days ago. The reason why I am mentioning that he happened to be Austrian is that it seems that I am having an awful lot of trouble with Germanic men these days and I don't like it.

Anyway, during our outing which started at DTUT and ended 2 hours later at Mississippi Cheesecake, we had a very weird conversation. Mein suesser Prinz seems to have a whole lot of interesting thoughts on a number of different subjects: specifically, New York City, the city that has no soul (his words not mine), and me. After having expressed that I am not particularly fond of New York and that I'm looking forward to moving in the very near future, mein Prinz suddenly became so very knowledgeable about all things Ana.

Here is the run down:
1. Ana is restless and has the attention span of a mosquito.
(I had mentioned that I have a short attention span but I'm not restless just in constant motion!)
2. Ana is unhappy.
In his opinion comfortable equals happy and since I am uncomfortable here in NY that automatically makes me unhappy.
3. Ana is a snob.
In his opinion, making it a point to stay away from stupid people equals snobbery.
4. Ana is a liar.
After 20 minutes of conversation he decided that I'm not shy and hence I am a liar. So what if the mere thought of talking to a stranger for the hell of it makes me want to puke?
5. Ana is weird.
Apparently it's unusual to take pride in one's hobbies.
6. Ana is a cliche.
Just by looking at me you can tell that I have owned a golden retriever and that I am the proud owner of teacup sized dogs. this was probably the WORSE date I have ever had.

I wasn't about to let it get to me because as I told him, he is a stranger and I really couldn't care less what he thinks of me, but after giving it a lot of thought he just flat out pissed me off. If there is one thing I hate more than people judging me, is people making assumptions about me and thinking that they know me when they don't.

Note to self: No more socializing with Germanic men.


Grant said...

"No more socializing with Germanic men." It's a good thing you know better than make judgemental assumptions. :p
On the brighter side, if this was your worst date the next one almost certainly has to be better. As a precaution, take a friend along who can recognize a "Get me out of here" gesture, or learn to fake a seizure mid-cheesecake.

Odisea Burbujas said...

Woah!! I would have thrown my drink at him ... Not that I approve of violence, but sometimes it's the appropriate and lady like reaction to a jerk like that.

Either that or kick him in the nuts! ...

Robert_M said...

I don't get it? which one did he get wrong???


mw said...

Hmmmm. Was the cheesecake good?

K said...

What a cracker ass cracker. Sorry honey that you had to endure that.

You're beautiful and nothing that fool says should ruffle those feathers.

Please don't ever fake a seizure in the middle of CHEESECAKE of all things!! Wait till after ;)

henry siteber said...

That was an interesting date. I thought those only existed on shows like Blind Date where most of the guys are clueless jerks.
The question is: does acting like total asses actually work? It seems to me sometimes it does otherwise it wouldn't happen so frequently.
I was in Innsbrook Austria a few weeks ago and even as a guy I noticed men were kinda weird.
I hope at least the cheesecake was good.

Anonymous said...

Did you at least slap this man??

Cindy St. Onge said...

What a know-it-all jerk. Look at the bright side: You're smart enough to realize he's an ass. Some unlucky dullard, down the line, won't.

You deserve much better than that dumkopf. I probably spelled that wrong, but you know what I mean.

Anoop said...

lol.. all the best.

Gabemaster said...

Fuck that guy! I hope you really told him off.

Edwin R. said...

Oye te tengo un consejo... You should date more Dominican Men!!! hehe... jk... I still like you even if your restless, unhappy, a snob, a liar, wierd or a cliche :) Right Bracuta?!?!?!

Vince said...

If that is your worst date ever, I really envy you.

mrsmogul said...

Watch out for the Austrians! My good friend met one, got engaged and she moved to Vienna. Then He became mean and gave away her cat! Then (we think) he started sleeping with other women as he would come back late, like 2am. I mean, this is Vienna, what's open at 2am??

Reda said...

He gave away her cat??? having two beloved cats, if a guy does that I just leave him!

I'm a little afraid of blond men, and germanic men are usually blondish, so I can advice you not to date blond guys. Sorry blondies in the thread. he he he. IM JUST KIDDING!

Libélula said...

A long time ago, I used to think you could tell all about a person from the first hour of conversation...IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Of course, there are exceptions. Some people you CAN figure out cause there’s really not much there to work with, but you certainly DON’T strike me as that kind, so the German is nothing more than a stupid ass if he thought he had you all figured out. Brush it off and "don’t pay no mind", Annush!!!

Gabemaster said...

I agree with Edwin, when should I pick you up? Hehe :P

FedUp said...

I concur 200% with you! Assuming makes an ass out of you and me, right?
What a jerk that guy. I really hate people who think that they know it all. It is as if we have something written on our foreheads allowing people to simply dump their baseless theories and accusations on us. What the fuck?!

Bracuta said...

I totally agree with you Eds, I think I'm even begining to love the girl (in a very straight way, of course, not like some other people I know and so not in stalker mode) even with all her quirks.
Gabemaster, I'm sorry.... she was Ed's and mine first... tough!