Friday, July 22, 2005

I refuse to live in fear but...

On the most part, I don't like to watch/read the news. I do; however, I find it really disturbing that there are never any good news so if I can get away with not being informed I am okay with that. Lately that has become an increasingly difficult task. The state of affairs in the world is not one that allows for the luxury of being uninformed.

Yesterday London was attacked again, the second time in about 2 weeks, and today- also in London- a man was gunned down by police under suspicion of terrorism on the London Underground.

What is this world coming to?
When did human life loose its worth?

At the risk of getting slammed for my views, I admit that to a point I understand the rationale behind terrorism. I don't support it, but I understand the reasoning behind it though I don't find it very clever. As far as I am concerned, killing innocent civilians isn't going to get much sympathy to your cause (this goes to both terrorists and the Bush administration, which I believe is probably the most powerful gang of terrorists out there). By the same token, calling terrorists "uncivilized barbarians" like Tony Blair did after the first attack isn't exactely going to get them to feel bad.

I live in NYC and I walk to my Midtown Manhattan office every single day, and more than once I've had the unpleasant experience of having to deal with bomb squads and terrorists threats. The first time I saw this I was naturally scared, but then now I just find it amusing and this is not a good thing. People in cities like NY, London, and many others are learning to live in fear and it definitely shouldn't be like that.

All of thse attacks are acts of cowardice. I do realize that unfortunately governments are so self centered that they only think about their own best interests, which is technically what they are supossed to be doing it, but unless you are defending yourself at a given moment in time, don't go around killing innocent people just so you can make a point!

For our sake, I truly hope that even if it is out of fear that people start being a little nicer to each other. That we start appreciating human life a little bit more. I hope that these terrorists will understand that no positive change is going to come from such actions and that our leaders will begin to see that their foreign policies should be re-examined.

I don't want to live in fear; but we are being left without much choice.


LocuTus of Borg said...

Unfortunately that what terrorism does to us, is make us live in fear :(. But like you said we get numb to the terror and even find it amusing until there is another disaster. The biggest factor that I find is that I am numb to all because it does not affect me directly. Why should I bother? It may sounds rude, but it really does not impact me, so I go on with my life ...

Libélula said...

I read something somewhere once that really got to me. It goes something like this: “For any Country, Security lies in the fear of their enemy”. The thing is this: the people responsible for the attacks ARE NOT AFRAID. The are fighting for a cause they believe to be necessary and even Holy.

I AM NOT CONDONING THIS BEHAVIOR but, like you said Annush, I understand it. However, the way they chose to “get their message across” I will never comprehend. Taking the lives of innocent people is NEVER justified.

Violence begets more violence and until people grasp this concept, no one will ever feel “safe”.

El chico del apto 512 said...

Then again religion, society, the government and even our own limitations make us live in fear too. In a way terror feeds survival, for the strongest that is. I'm actually more afraid of those who can destroy our minds rather than our bodies, although these folks are trying to destroy both. The times are certainly upon us, we can only assume what is going to happen and whatever it is we have to accept it and move on this earth is nothing but a short sigh, living whatever is left of is your biggest weapon against terror.

El chico del apto 512 said...

libelula I agree 110%. The interesting question is...who is the innocent? Is there such a thing?

Libélula said...

Chico del Apto. 512:

"I'm actually more afraid of those who can destroy our minds rather than our bodies, although these folks are trying to destroy both"...AWESOME COMMENT.

As for the question "who is the innocent?"

Not that there's a whole lot of innocence left in the world, but in this case, I believe that bystanders are innocent, you know the ones that go out for a cup of coffee or a walk in a park and never make it back home because they got blown up by a bomb planted by some asshole “fighting in the name of…whatever”.

I honestly can’t remember a day that I opened the newspaper and didn’t read about the 5, 7 or 12 people killed in Ramallah, Gaza, Baghdad, etc…Now London…Most of the time, the victims of these attacks are people that really don’t have anything to do with the reason terrorists are fighting for in the first place…Just makes me sad, I guess.

annush said...

(Aside: I am so glad I have smart readers)
I think that we are living in times of psychological warfare. Terrorist attacks and the fear thereof are tactics of a war meant to weaken everyone.

I don't live in fear, nor do I intend to but I must say that it's getting increasingly hard...

KARAKALA said...

When you think of terrorism it surely induces fear. London and United States are only experiencing a nick of what’s to come. If their foreign policies don’t change of course terrorists will mount on their black horses and carry out their holy war or jihad against us, the supposedly infidels.

According to whose standards are we expendable, perhaps to the powers that oversee us?
And as long as we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors of our government our lives will surely be affected by this unwanted fear.

Terrorism is nothing new. It has been going for years in Israel. But now it has reached home. And honestly speaking, it will never stop. Our government has started a chain reaction, especially because of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think this country’s respect is surely sinking across the world, I mean, it’s still the greatest country, but frankly we made more enemies now than ever before. So of course terrorists are itching to get at us. For the time being we shouldn’t live in fear until it hits close to home.

And fuck homeland security and any security agency saying that they are doing everything possible to deter more attacks, it’s already happening. They are just feeding bullshit to the masses because they have no clue as to when, how, and where these cowards will strike next.

Anonymous said...

"They are just feeding bullshit to the masses because they have no clue as to when, how, and where these cowards will strike next."

I really understand your point, and it really freaks the fuck out of me going through at least 2 checks every morning before I get to work: They now stop buses ramdomly from NJ to NY, and the past two days I got stopped and got my bag searched at Union Sq. as part of the whole new security thing. No matter how much bs they feed the public with, the the truth remains: There's no way to know when something is gonna happen.

El chico del apto 512 said...

Libby: The verse you liked is actually based on Matthew 10:28-31
"And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows."

That is why I do not fear physical death.

The interesting thing is, at some point, that same asshole that blew himself up in the name of Allah was one of the "innocents" that we are talking about. An innocent, unempoyed teen under terrible religious laws and an opressive enviroment grows up to become a living sacrifice for his God. If you strip down all the rationalizing and our own western culture, it could be considered "fair" game, a noble cause even.

Annush: Psychological warfare indeed, and it already is weeding out the weak, all of humanity.

Karakala: you hit it right on the head, London and United States are only experiencing a nick of what’s to come. Interesting times we live in.

dan said...

It was on the BBC News today that the police had shot a man dead on the tube. I just hope they got the right man. It must be a tough decision to make. "Do I shoot him, or do I hope he hasn't got explosives under that coat?"

It's highly unusual for the police to use firearms in a crowed place in the UK. In fact, it's unusual that they use them at all. I can imagine how freaked out the people were down there. We're not used to guns.

dan said...

...and I agree with el chico.

Mona Buonanotte said...

There's an interesting development in the London bombings...the word 'terrorist' not being used the media. The link here: They ARE terrorists. Let's not sugar-coat it.

I also read an article (that I can't find, of course) which analyzed the trends of terrorist organizations and noted that once the terrorists got what they wanted, they stopped all terrorist activity. All the rhetoric being spewed lately points to our involvement in the Iraqi War.

A letter found after the first London bombings was by an Islamic group claiming the bombings " were in retaliation for Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan." Link here:
Insurgents just want us OUT of there. So why not go? Isn't it time?

WonderCorky said...

I refuse to posts serious responses even to serious posts in blogs...

that's kind of how I keep my sanity..

oh wait.. I never claimed I was sane.... that must have been one of my other personalities...

annush... just be safe... that's as serious as I'm willing to get...

oh.. and I want a pic of that t-shirt.. I'll give you a shiney nickel...

two if you're in it



Libélula said...

Chico, that’s just the thing…they DO believe their cause is noble, but what scares me the most is that they are NOT AFRAID. Religion is everything for those people and so is their cause. Even the term “jihad” is interpreted to mean Holy War…They sacrifice in the name of Allah which is more than can be said about other countries who fight because they’re drafted and have to…These people consider dying an honor an a sure fire entrance to whatever is their version of Heaven.

annush said...

Hey Tomas, faith (along with a bad situation) makes you do crazy things. I think we can all agree on that. But I think that even I would consider sacrificing myself for the greater good if I saw a bomb kill my friends and family.

I think that there are A LOT of people out there who have lost their loved ones in these ridiculous wars (this includes but is not limited to Afghanistan, Irak, Israel, Somalia, etc). It is these same people who will want to retaliate. Pain and hurt can drive people to do just about the most horrible things.

mw said...

My biggest confusion is why we "up" security for a few weeks/months and then back down. Either your goal is to protect or it isn't. I don't know the right answer but I find it bizarre that security ruined my husband's high speed film 3 months after 9-11 with their crazed screening process, yet allowed me to board a plane with a paring knife the following summer. Which do YOU think is more harmful?

mrsmogul said...

You should see and hear what's on the news over here. A man was shot at the tube station before he was going to blow up the bus and yesterday we saw a man being arrested in front of Downing St. Is the US news reporting this?

There are still arrests going on today..

Bracuta said...

Well Annush, I don't live anywhere close to New York, much less London, but I can tell you I'm already living in fear for you guys that do...
I just wish all this nonesense would stop, terrorists and war altogether.
If wishes were horses...

blogworkorange said...

Aunque uno vive en Santo Domingo, tiene familia y amigos en Londres y N.Y. y no puede evitar sentir miedo y ansiedad con estas vainas...
Y Bush y Blair más insoportables que nunca.
Y ya van como 25,000 en Irak...

Pia Talks said...

Gave up writing about politics. Too close to home (NY) and tired of answering snarky comments.

At bring it on! we tried an experiment with a pretend conserative writer who said among many other things something like the world would be better off without gays, feminists and Jews. People agreed!

As a New Yorker I lived in an idealized world where many people judged other people by merit, not skin tone and other variables. Yes we would have very vocal arguments but not about a persons right to exist because of skin color etc.

When I wrote a post about Muslims not causing every problem, I found out how sick Americans can be. Should have stopped then.

On the 7th everything that happened four years ago hit me once more. I'm sticking to light and lighter for the rest of the summer.

It's not possible to be numb to it here unless you live in a vacuum, and I choose to live in the real world.

Unfortunately I hate the Bush administration more than the terrorists because they allow and almost encourage people in our country to hate

And as a New Yorker I'm sick of paying the costs of 9/11 over and over again

Gabemaster said...
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Gabemaster said...
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annush said...

i'm not in the habit of removing comments even when they are obnoxious or stupid; however, i will not tolerate the use of my blog as a place that spreads Western supremacy and justifies bullshit.

Gabemaster said...
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Zanahoria said...

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Gabemaster always has these types of comments that need to be deleted? The guy never misses a chance to make a big deal out of nothing. And his comments are ALWAYS out of touch with reality. And with Annush there is always an issue with him. Man, do you like her? Because if you do, this is really not the way to make the approach.
I suggest you take your pill and think before you write.
I like, you, thank America for giving me a chance to become someone, but you just sound like a furious groupie... America is great, but it has it's flaws and if you really want to be so tolerant like you portray yourself, you should acknowledge this and grow up for a change. What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong.
Never forget your roots, and never ever think you're better than anyone, so do yourself a favor and stop insulting people's inteligence.
Stop taking sides and be tolerant for a change!

Gabemaster said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gabemaster said...

Zanahoria I get deleted for having a different opinion. So you should redirect your message about tolerance to someone else.

I've never attacked anyone on a personal level like you or anybody I have a right to disagree just the same way I agree when I do and I leave a comment for it. And I've never said or implied that I'm better than anyone else. Where do you get that from? And yes I am Dominican proud of my heritage and all my Dominican roots. However, since I live here in the U.S. and I enjoy the benefits and opportunities that this great country has given me the least I can do is be very grateful to this nation. And yes I am an immigrant but remember that this is a country of immigrants and everyone who has helped build this nation into what it is, has been either an immigrant or a descendant of an immigrant and therefore I am also and American. And if I did not considered myself an American I would get in a plane and go back to D.R.

Zanahoria said...

Go ahead, get on a plane then. America surely does not need people like you here.
I can't believe there are still people that condone war, no matter from which side it comes from!
Maybe if our gracious world leaders would stick their noses in their bussines things not be the way they are today.
All this talk about world peace... I for one believe that there's only 1 reason behind this was: OIL.
Our "beloved" President must understand that we are not the World Police. Surely, we must try to help others, but it is unforgivable that we actually meddle into other countries' internal affairs. Much worse when we are not invited or asked to do so. And then we screw things up for them and for us.
We made a mess in Iraq. That's the only truth. And for this mess there are hundreds, if not thousands of good americans, iraqis and citizens of the world that are giving their lives (sometimes against their wishes) for a cause that is not our own. But what's done is done. I think we should now try to pick up the pieces of what's left and focus on our internal stuff and let others be. That's what peace is all about.
And Gabemaster, do you actually think that we are the cute little lamb who got attacked by the big bad wolf? Are we not to blame? Who attacked who first? And I am not talking planes, bombs and bullets here. Don't be so shallow and look deep inside for the truth. This is just a war of interest that has taken the lives of the innocent.
I love America and I would give my life for it in a heartbeat, but I really think it's time we stopped and looked at ourselves, our government and the decisions made by our heads of State that have dragged us into this endless war. Because it will never end. No army in the world will ever change the way thousands, if not millions, think. And they will not be able to kill them all. In the meantime, people are being killed on a daily basis, and the worst part is that with all those terrorist attacks, they are actually killing those who have nothing to do with the decisions that have been made.
Let's focus on our problems (that actually quite a few), and stop this insanity once and for all.
Oh, by the way, I think you're of age. Why don't you join the army and go to Iraq? I'm sure you'll be able to finish them all off, right?

Gabemaster said...


Allright pacifist you can't believe people who condone war. So without war what would you have done to deal with terrorism after 9/11? Because before it being a pacifist didn't help at all. Anyway, I'll just laugh at the stupid assumptions you made about me.

Zanahoria said...

Ha ha ha! Well this is a first! He actually called me a pacifist! And he says it in a despective way like it was actually bad to be one! I should get my mother to read this.
Maybe because of people like you 9/11 happened. Maybe if there had been less people like you and more like us 9/11 would've never happened in the first place.
I'm sure it doesn't take a nuclear (or nucelar like our beloved Commader in Chief continually says) scientist to read a bit and understand the reasons why this all happened. Or maybe you thought that one day the terrorist decided they just didn't like us and took it upon themselves to get rid of us.
Need I remind you who funded Bin Laden's group before this all started? Need I remind who which government was buddies with Iraq before this started? Want go further in time to Panama, Korea or Vietnam? Do you REALLY know the reasons behind all these conflicts, or do you just rely on the propaganda started by those who benefit from war?
You're right, we're making the wrong assumptions about you. You like war, we hate loss of life. That's about it, right?
Out of respect for Annush I will stop wasting my time trying to enlighten your vision on life.
It takes a true man to disrespect a lady and insult those who don't think like he does, just like you did with Annush by calling her a liar and a hypocrite. Do you even really know the girl? Did you have to get personal with her? That's how far your intelligence takes you? You disagree with her point of view, which by the way was expressed on HER blog, so you have to insult her? I know I'm making an assumption here, but you seem like the type of guy that can't take criticism well and as soon as someone disagrees with you you go right ahead and jump them and make them agree with you by force.
Next time, post your violent and trashy comments on your blog and let others live.
I tell you, jump on your plane. I'm damned sure we really don't need macho men who believe in killing others like you do in America.

annush said...

if you guys keep it up i'm going to delete each and every comment from both of you for as long as I keep this blog!

Gabemaster said...


Good reply man I laughed,mainly because you went through all that blabbing but couldn't give me an answer to the simple question I asked you. And you are very right I'm an ignorant, I don't know anything about history I don't know anything about anything but somehow I always manage to back up my opinions with facts. You think you know the asnwer to all those questions you threw at me? I will tell you to really look up things for yourself, the truth and not what people think is true just because they are popular ideas or reasons that "seem" reasonable. I suggest spending sometime at a library, not just the internet. It will do you some good.

As far as calling Annush a hypocrite and a liar well she acted like hypocrite and she lied. I posted the reasons why I called her those things and she still deleted them(probably because they were true). I'll post them again but I bet shell take them off immediately.