Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things change but they always stay the same.

In my lifetime I've moved around a lot. I read somewhere once that the average person moves three times in their lifetime. Thus far, I've moved something like 11. I wish I could say that with practice the process of moving gets easier but it really doesn't. It does become more efficient and methodical though.

These past couple of days my anal-retentiveness is in full swing (though I think Ivan is being much worse than me!). At this point, I am pretty certain that I could be a professional mover for a living :)

I didn't realize that these past couple of years I had accumulated so much stuff. When I first moved into this apartment, I remember moving in with my furniture and two suitcases worth of clothes. I've already packed those two suitcases and I have yet to make a dent in either of my closets.

My brother says that I need to stop buying stuff and deep down I know that I should. I really didn't NEED to buy all those books and movies. It's not necessary for me to have a collection of gadgets that would make a teenage boy jealous. How many pairs of shoes does a person REALLY need?

I know everything is too much but I'm not getting rid of anything.

Although I am not really emotionally attached to the physical things that comprise my world, it gives me comfort to know that I still keep the things that kept my life together through each of my 11 moves and that each time instead of starting over, I am building on what I have. In January, when I move into my new place, I will set everything up in a fashion similar as it was and I'll feel like I'm home.

So yeah, I should get back to packing.


On a different note, if any of you are anywhere near the projected path of hurricane Rita, please take care of yourselves. If you can, leave. I think we've already seen enough loss and destruction... My best wishes to you all.


Jonas said...

I've moved so many times that I've acquired what I consider necessary.

Clothing (bathroom stuff),
Movies (Books etc).

And yet, something more always seems to show up. And I've narrowed it down so well. Ain't that weird?

Grant said...

The last time I moved, I gave away / donated / tossed everything I hadn't used in at least a year. I still have lots of stuff, although much less than most homeowners I know. They have a tendancy to fill every space (attic, garage, etc.) with every piece of junk that ever crossed their path, afraid to throw away bread ties and single socks since they might need them one day.

Timmy said...

90% of what we own is crap. I know cuz I got tons of crap.

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mw said...

When we moved from a house with one closet to one with about 12 and a basement (woohoo) I foolishly thought we could NEVER fill it up. I blame the baby.

Ailyn said...

11 times, where?

mrsmogul said...

My sister is a hoarder. IF she read this, she would kill me. I only little because One I have a small place and two I hate clutter.

Tank said...

Moves are rough, you're forced to examine the stuff that you've accumilated and then determine if you want to keep it. As you collect more and more stuff it becomes harder and harder.

But the good thing is that a move allows you to remove the unecessary things. Take the stuff you love and need and remove the remainder. I'm sure you'll be fine and you'll manage to trim away the stuff you don't need and don't want.

Rainypete said...

Having moved 7 times already, I have noticed a unique phenomenon:
The mystery box - a box whose contents you aren't sure of, but have moved repeatedly without opening.

Luzbeíta said...

11 mudanzas... qué cantidad. Q bueno q conserves cosas de tu primera casa aún, y q las lleves contigo. Slds.

WonderCorky said...

I;m always moving... I'm a moving target... but I never go anywhere...

I'm an international man of mystery..

I am the WOnderCorky



Libélula said...

Damn...I've live in the same house for 24 years...When we moved here, I was 3 so I don't really remember the process.

Anonymous said...

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