Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wonderful Wild Berries

This little guy has been causing me all kinds of stress for the past couple of days. It seems to have decided to take residence in my apartment and now everytime I go out for anything, there it is. On the most part, it doesn't really bother me that he/she is around. My problem with it is that it keeps changing places on me and I get freaked out everytime.

If I had to say whether or not I have any problems with my apartment, I would have to say this is it: During the warmer months, I get my fair share of bugs (ie- crickets, bees, ladybugs, butterflies) which is way weird considering that I live on a 15th floor.

Whatever though. At least I don't get mice and roaches :)

Last night, Deanna, Dan and I went to the Finlandia party in celebration of their new Wild berry vodka. It took place at the Central Park Zoo and it was quite nice. Lots of pretty people. Had I known there would be pretty people, I would have at least worn make up. Oh well.

I got the recipe for a drink I had last night that I happened to enjoy very much. Here it goes:

Wonderful Wild Berries
Finlandia Wild Berry vodka
POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice
Perrier Carbonated Water
a twist of lime

Right up my alley :)

My brother Ivan is coming to NYC today and I am very excited about it. He is coming for the sole purpose of helping me pack so I can put my stuff into storage. I like that they think that I can't pack my own stuff :) It's occurred to me that I am going to miss this apartment a lot despite the fact that I've had so many issues here; however, if I could get used to Upper East Side living, I will be alright just about anywhere (outside of the Boroughs and these days I'm feeling Chelsea).

Today I'm going to go have lunch with my old boss (not Joe but Marlene). I used to work for a non-profit when I first came to NY and over the years I have tried to stay in touch and help out as much as I can. It's really a good thing to do. Those people struggle a lot.

For now though, I'm gonna get some coffee. I'm still sleepy.


Marle said...

I don't remember being your boss, but if u pay for lunch, I don't mind... J/K :P

Jonas said...

I knew a guy who said Vodker. "Want some Vodker?" I don't miss hangovers but I do miss a good wine buzz. Made me feel all warm inside. I haven't had that in over four years. That sounds like a cool party. New York always has something to do. Gotta dig it.

LocuTus of Borg said...

Yea at least it isn't a mouse or cockroach ... eewwww or pesky little ants. I have lizards in my place that buzz around and they always freak me out sometimes when they dart out of places when I am not expecting them to. Sounds like a great drink! Have a great time with your brother!

Awesome picture of you btw =)

Pirate said...

Point is they have to wear make up to compete with you. Casual is way right now.

AVA said...

I love the new blog name :)
pretty adequate for the new start...

Weary Hag said...

OMG.... I have to update my blogroll so I can put your new blog name up! (oops)

That little green guy in your house - why not just give him a name? They say once you name something, you feel more comfy around it. :)

See ... I love coming here because you bring back such great memories sometimes. I SO miss Central Park. Sounds like you had a fun time.

Hope you had a wonderful time with Ivan.

mw said...

MMMmm good recipe