Thursday, October 13, 2005

the PC term for stalker is paparazzi!

I should become a professional stalker.

Last night while we waited for Sara to finish getting ready, I was chatting with my buddy Enrique who told me that Mr. Colin Farrell is in town shooting scenes for Miami Vice. As I almost had a heart attack knowing that my favorite Irish slut was once again within the confines of the same zip code as me (back in July, I saw them filming in Miami), I immediately started concocting a plan so that I may figure out if he really is as hot as they say.

After I found out where he is staying, we started brainstorming and agreed that the best place for us to start looking for him on a rainy Wednesday night was the casino. We agreed to go there after the party.

The party last night was good though there were far less people than I anticipated. It was good though as it allowed me to ease into the different groups again rather than diving right in. I had a few drinks, ate a whole lot of ceviche, and even practiced my salsa (I still kick ass)!

I didn't buy myself a new outfit. It was raining too hard and I wasn't enthusiastic at all about spending money in yet another black dress so I improvised with pieces I haven't worn more than once and it worked. I was complemented all night.


Yvette and me!

So we had tons of fun and I even fell in lust! Unfortunately for me, I can't go there for a number of resons. Let me just say that HWMNBN is haunting my existance...

After that, we went to the casino. In the parking lot we stumbled across many other Colin Farrell stalker wanna-bes but they didn't even make it inside the casino. HA!

Anyway, non-gambling me together with Ivan and Lilli and the later Gus and Sarah gambled for what felt like forever (it was really like an hour though). We took advantage of the free drinks and cigarrettes while we lost excessive amounts of money. We made friends with one of the card dealers who told us that he had in fact been in the casino the night before but not until VERY late. It was somewhat late and we noticed unusual amounts of security (and white people) and tables being cleared so we figured he'd be coming but I don't deal well with loss. ESPECIALLY when it comes to money. So we left.

My only consolation is that Santo Domingo isn't that big and that there are only so many places he can go and I have access to all of them. If he is here long enough I'll run into him sooner or later.

Maybe even tonight in my least favorite place at that particular "your weight x 4" open bar. hahaha...what will people think of next?


Libélula said...

God that man is goegeous!!!

Felix said...

Next time, wear less makeup in your face. Toooo white.
You're pretty, so you don't need soooo much makeup in your face.
And you look great.

Jonas said...

I like natalie portman, the day she marries someone else will be a sad day in Jonas history.

Mona Buonanotte said...

You looked HOT! Is that top a sort of French maid thing? Love it!

Andre said...

Yeah...what the fuck, you look like Casper.

annush said...

I was wearing a lot of make-up but in general my face is like 5 shades lighter than the rest of my body because that's the only part of my body where I actually use sunblock.

Grant said...

Tell people you don't wear makeup on your face. You slather shoe polish on the rest of your body. :p

AVA said...

Wow tocalla, those pictures are great!! I'm sorry I hadn't come by this week but I've been busier this week than I've been in a year. I see you're in Santo Domingo now! I'm so jealous!!!
Take care dear, and please please take a picture of OUR favorite Irish slut if you bump into him.

WonderCorky said...

Don;t listen to people who don't know anything about makeup.

oh, I don't know anything about make up either... but... you look good.

and slather is a GREAT word grant. grant is my new favorite poster.



Toad734 said...

Miami Vice?