Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My friend :)

Dan is here! YAY!!!

I am so happy, I could cry. I hadn't seen Dan in something like 49 days and having him around has been just what I needed. Today is his 28th birthday (OLD!) and to celebrate (because we do celebrate everything) Ivan, Lili and I took him to Aura, a restaurant at the beach. We had a wonderful time there...it was such a perfect day!

On the way home, we introduced Dan to the world of pescado frito con yaniqueque. Obviously, he had never had that and was most amused by the stands in Boca Chica. That was comedy. I never would have imagined that I would see Dan eating that, and what's more, that i would be the one to take him. I really respect him for eating because not even I in all of my Dominicanness would actually eat that. EEK!

Afterwards we had chocolate cake. No story there. We love chocolate.

The world seems really bright right now...Not too long ago, Kristhina was here and it was great to be with her because she is my oldest friend, a few days ago I was with Yvette in Miami all kinds of happy because I was with one of my all time favorite people (pics to come soon) and now I have Dan here!

I am a really lucky girl.


henry siteber said...

what happened in Miami? The jobs? The move? what made you deside to go back to SD? Have you considered the west coast?

mw said...

Glad your friends have arrived to cheer you up. I don't know what happened regarding the job, but I hope you have a happy thanksgiving (or day of rest)

Grant said...

I'm glad life is being good to you. Happy Thanksgiving.

schuey said...

Do you know how cold it is here ? So stop this or i'll just skip the visits :p