Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wear a condom people!

HIV is one of the biggest social, economic and health challenges in the world. It is a global emergency claiming over 8,000 lives every day. In fact 5 people die of AIDS every minute.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This is the virus known to cause AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). If someone is HIV-positive, it means they have been infected with the virus.

A person infected with HIV does not have AIDS until the virus seriously damages their immune system, making them vulnerable to a range of infections, some of which can lead to death.

HIV is transmitted through body fluids in particular blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk, in fact there are only four ways you can become HIV positive.

In 2005, over 3 million people acquired HIV, which means there are now over 40 million people living with HIV and AIDS. Despite best efforts from governments, non-profit organisations and healthcare practitioners around the world, HIV and AIDS is still having huge global impact.

HIV and AIDS around the World

People living with HIV and AIDS 40.3 million[1]
Adults 38.0 million
Women 17.5 million
Children under 15 2.3 million

New HIV cases in 2005 4.9 million
Adults 4.2 million
Children under 15 700,000

AIDS deaths in 2005 3.1 million
Adults 2.6 million
Children under 15 570,000

Total HIV cases to date 64.3 million

Total AIDS deaths to date 23.1 million
[1] All figures from UNAIDS AIDS Epidemic Update 2005


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Grant said...

Okay, you've convinced me. I'm going to wear a condom all the time from now on, not just during sex.

Manu Under Her Skirt said...

Aunque suene ridículo. Hay que guardar la promesa.

Toad734 said...

Aids really is the easiest disease in the world to avoid. It's not like it's airborn or anything.