Tuesday, January 31, 2006

15 seconds of fame for a jerk...

I just did something and I totally regret it.

Someone left a very obnoxious comment on my previous post and my first reaction was to delete it. I did and now I wish I hadn't.

But here it is, to give Miss (or MR.) Jean their 15 seconds of undeserved attention:

Jean to me
3:17 pm (42 minutes ago)
-Mona Buonanotte, are you BLIND? Beautiful? Geezzzz...You are definetely blind. Uffff! You are one the rich girl and don't have a sense of style or anything...how can you allow take pictures that way? You are killing us here. Dios miooo!

Now I am laughing because I can't possibly take seriously people who can't even write insults properly. If you are going to go out of your way to let the world know all the things that are wrong with me, you should at least be eloquent about it! I can't possibly take seriously an insult if it's not even written in proper English! I can read Spanish (and German and French for that matter) so you should use a language that won't make you seem like a dimwit.

That said, I allow people to take pictures of me whatever way I am because that's who I am and being myself is what I do best. If you think I am ugly, you are more than entitled to; however, the world doesn't have to agree with you. If you think I don't have a sense of style, then the one who is blind here is you. The fact of the matter is that if you don't like the things I wear, that by no means indicate that I have no style. Like everything in life, fashion choices are a matter of personal preference.

If your perception of what's beautiful and stylish is what's most important to you, don't come back here. I am not in a mission to accommodate humanity.

annush :)

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