Thursday, January 12, 2006


I survived my first day of classes...tired as all freaking hell, but I survived it.

Let me start by saying that whoever had the brilliant idea of holding labs at ungodly hours should seriously have their head checked. I don't mind early morning lectures so much but labs at 7:00am aren't quite as amusing.

So far my favorite class is Anatomy and Physiology. The teacher was punctual and prepared and as far as I'm concerned that makes him the best. But not only that, I got to see an amputated arm which was cool and I learned how to tell apart each rib which is always entertaining.

My biology class, on the other hand, scared the living hell out of me. Because unlike the other people in the class I haven't taken a biology course in a good 7 years, my knowledge in this area was extremely rusty so rather than being impressed by what I was learning, I was shocked by how much I don't know.

Needless to say, after I class I ran out to buy myself the best general and cellular biology books money could buy and I called Ramon out in California so he could comfort me because even though he is a political activist these days he is first and foremost a biologist who loves me. Then I sat down with my brother and did my homework.

After class was over, I went running. I am still entertaining the idea of partaking in that half marathon I was invited to participate in so I went and ran 6.5 miles yesterday. I probably could have ran more had I not been as hungry as I was. I just wanted to finish so I could go eat. Food is our friend. By the time I had lunch it was something like 6:20pm. I don't think I'll be able to do that every day.

What was most upsetting about yesterday was that Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, and Robert de Niro, who are here filming The Good Sheppherd, were all incredibly close to where I was and I was so busy that I couldn't even go take a look. On the upside though, I know where they are staying should I feel so inclined to go exercise my paparazzi muscle; otherwise, I'll forever hold the memory of Angelina, Maddox and Zahara shopping at Wholefoods while I nearly died of a heart attack :)

By the way, Angelina and Brad having a baby...WOW! They better go find Maddox and Zahara a good therapist because a child of those two incredibly beautiful creatures as a sibling would be enough to give anyone a complex!


AlRo said...

Who'da thunk they'd have made it that far??

Go flex that muscle -- Paparatzzi baby... go get 'em!

mw said...

congrats on school. amputated arms can't be fun to look at any time of day.
just think - one pic of AJ or BP earns you enough to pay for at least one semester of med school.

RKR said...

You're doing so good. I'm so proud of you for taking this on. Miss you kiddo. I'd stalk for a piece of that pie. mmmm, they are both so very yummy.