Sunday, February 19, 2006

My 5 Weird Habits

So Natalia thought it would be cool to send me yet another add insult to injury, she is even putting me through the torture of translating it because it is in Spanish....UGH!...well, here it goes: You pick your top 5 weird habits, elaborate on them and then pick 5 people to carry on with the nonsense. Here it goes:

1. When I am home I ALWAYS, no matter what, wear some kind of footwear. what can I say? i have 5 dogs who are not entirely housebroken. Enough said.

2. No smoking before noon. As far as I am concerned, it's far more disgusting to smoke before noon than it is to smoke after, unless I was up all night the night before.

3. Bedsheets and towels. I must change my sheets and towels every other day. I can't sleep unless my bed smells like fabric softener and I get an imaginary itch if the towels aren't fluffy and fresh.

4. Oral Hygiene. I will not exist in a normal fashion until I have brushed my teeth in the morning. That means, no NOTHING until I brush my teeth. and don't think that under any circumstance I will let someone use my toothbrush. I don't care if we were making out for hours and hours and hours 3 seconds before. MY TOOTH BRUSH IS MINE and some things in life should be private.

5. Nail biting. If my nails aren't painted I will bite them. I don't chew them off but I bite the sides of it. It's a nervous psychological thing.

I have the weird habit that I can go from super sweet to super bitch in 0.3 seconds...actually, that's not a habit...I like to think of it as a gift :)

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Grant said...

I actually did a list of three weird habits about me, so that's close enough (it rounds). :p

Chelle said...

jajaja we fell in the trap! :P

so you're like my mom, ella es half vegetarian, you're half non-smoker. :P

ewwww! i wouldn't share my toothbrush! :S

gotbrains? said...

Is that my name on that list?? Don't you know like 20 Yvette's? You're going to have to be more specific than that.

I think I may have more than 5 weird habits..

annush said...

Yes dear, that would be you. Feel free to make the 5 habits 10.

*Blue*Star* Hilda* said...

u not that rare!!!

AVA said...

I did this meme a couple of weeks ago, and couldnt think of any habits, and now that I'm reading yours, I have all of those!! (except for the smoking, now I don't smoke at all)