Monday, April 17, 2006

Amnesia Cabarette...

4- number of days I went to cabarete for
8- number of hours past from the time I got picked up to the time we actually got there
10- number of people who were suppossedly staying at our house
23- number of people staying at our house at the last count
1- number of bathrooms in our house
2- number of times I got sick
3- number of hours spent laying in the sun
36- number of hours the party lasted
9- number of drinks I had during the 4 days
6- packs of cigarrettes I smoked throughout the weekend
3- number of times I actually changed my clothes
5- number of people on whose lap I had to sit
7- number of times I was carried from point A to point B
2- number of times I saw the sunrise
4- number of hours I slept throughout the weekend
1- number of times it rained
4- number of meals I ate during the 4 days
2,000- amount of RD pesos I spent throughout the weekend
6- number of hours it took us to get back
2- number of nicknames I came back with
10- grade I would give this weekend in the scale of 1-10

This time around, I have no pictures. My camera died on friday afternoon and the pictures my friends took are not exactely postable. All I can say is that I had a fabulous time. I bonded with my good friends, stumbled acroos the usual suspects (ie- the party friends, Jonathan, Karla, Zeiby, Peter, Victor, etc) and learned that party friends have potential to become real friends if given the chance.

Trust me when I say that this Easter break will go down in history as one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had because more than a weekend away from home, this was certainly an experience.


Libélula said...

I am soooooo glad we went together, Sweetie..."Y lo que no tá, no hace falta"!!!!!

Grant said...

Pictures not postable? Do you have naked shots of yourself and Libelula? If so, please e-mail them to me, especially if the two of you were making out at the time. :)