Sunday, April 02, 2006

Make your transition.

I don't normally write about parties aside from the fact that I'm going to them but todnight (or last night's) party deserves a post....

okay, it's 6:46am and I just got home so bear with me...

Last weekend before I left to Miami to go to
Ultra, Lilli and Ivan let me go with one piece of advice: Don't come back pregnant. Fair enough. I wasn't planning on it, but that's as good advice as any. My response to that was, "hahaha...and to think I intended to have Richie Hawtin's love child...hahahaha"

Well, at
Ultra last weekend, I saw Richie Hawtin and I had a FABULOUS time. I was just somewhat annoyed that the sets were so brief. Just when you were getting into it, BAM! someone else was on.

Anyway, I went to see
Richie Hawtin at the Cave tonight (last night). Thanks to my good friend, I got a VIP ticket (WooHOO!). At one point, within an hour of our arrival (which was quite late because "my nap" overextended due to technical difficulties) my fried says "Ana! there is Richie Hawtin!" and in fact, the man was like 10 steps away.

Needless to say, I walked straight to where he was except that he was walking so I had to follow him downstairs. I tapped his shoulder and said "are you Richie?" he was like "yeah..." and I was like "hi, I am ana, I am a huge fan. I saw you at
Ultra last weekend and you were amazing, I can't wait to see you tonight".

The man was flabergasted. he was like "really?!?!?! you were at
Ultra" and I was like "yeah...". "Well, I hope you have a wonderful time tonight" he said and he hugged me. HE HUGGED ME. "I am sure I will" I said.

After that I bitched at every photographer who was there. When I am with random people/ugly guys/people I couldn't care less about they ALWAYS take pictures of me but this time there was NOBODY to document this momentous ocassion. I was pissed.

But all the usual suspects were at this rave. And, of course, I told them all that
Richie Hawtin hugged me. I mean, even the touch of sexy unavailable guy paled in comparison to that hug!

Anyway, the party was in full swing, his set finished and I went to the bathroom. There, I ran into Lilli, Yuri (aka- Miho) and Marlene who invited me to Pablo's (the organizer) table. So I pulled my buddy and went with them.

I am up there for a good 15 minutes when my friend goes "dude, Richie is right next to you!" I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" I look over and in fact he was.

I say to him "why did you finish so soon??? I was having so much fun!!!!!!" and he was like "these dudes are overpossesive with their turntables...hahahaha". (The man is funny!) we made some small talk and then he was like "I gotta go but I trust that I'll see you again at Ultra next year" HE REMEMBERED OUR PREVIOUS CONVERSATION!!!!!!! I was like "not if I catch you before that!" and he laughed and kissed me. HE KISSED ME.


I forgot to tell him that he is ovulated with our love child. I mean, I didn't get sperminated, but like Mork (as in Mork and Mindy) he is having our child even though we didn't have sex. I can just see it now, instead of laying an egg through his belly button, he is going to cough out a baby in about 9 months on a turn table who is going to look kinda sorta like
this. Hahahahaha

I am turning into a DJ groupie...but then again, I think I always was....

now I need sleep people. Good night. I just HAD to share this with you all!!!


schuey said...

you sound excited, ok hysteric ;)

xdeletiax said...

i wanted to go to ultrafest...

i guess solar in spain will do..

(daft punk are playing at my house...)

Chelle said...

jajajaja cool

i saw u there for a few secs. from very very far :) and bracs too, right?