Thursday, May 25, 2006


It's hot people!

I don't know what else to do...these past couple of weeks have been like hell on earth. It's been close to 100 degrees F every single day. I've eaten ice cream like there is no tomorrow, I've had tons of fruits and water, I've worn nothing but shorts and skirts in a desperate attempt to not die of heat but it's been useless. As a result, I feel useless. Heat is very tiring.

And to think that it's not even summer...

I really should move to the beach.
(or something)


jackt said...

Two words: Air conditioning.

Are you in a humid zone? That makes it even worse. It's not so bad in LA when it hits 3 digits actually because it's not all sticky.

gotbrains? said...

We have rain. Rain, rain and more fucking rain. It's either depressing or makes you wanna stay in bed having sex all the time.

Libélula said...

Yeah! Move to the beach so I can go visit!!!