Thursday, May 25, 2006

Millions of mangos, mangos for me. Millions of mangos, mangos for free...

I love mangos. Mangos kick ass. And it pisses me off to see things like this. I mean seriously, what kind of self respecting mango lover will eat a mango like that?

Mangos are meant to be eaten sloppily. The sloppier, the better. Mangos are good for the skin so why not take advantage of it?

These are the mango-eating rules according to me:

1. Wash the mango
2. Take a bite off the unpeeled mango
3. Spit out the peel
4. Take a bite off the mango
5. Repeat until mango is completely gone
6. Suck on the seed until it's completely dry
7. Take the peels and suck them dry as well

There. That's how you eat a mango. Fuck the peeling and cutting and stuff. If you need to go through ALL of that hassle, then you are not a true mango lover.

I have spoken.



jackt said...

Is this a metaphor for your bedroom technique?! Just kidding.

I really enjoy mangos with sticky rice and sweetened coconut milk. You should try it sometime like that. Thai restaurants usually serve it like that.

Angy said...

I agree with you Annush thats how your eally eat a Mango. lol

Jonas said...

You want the mango? You cannot have a da Mango!

gotbrains? said...

I'd rather peel and slice it. I'm not much for the mess of mango juice running down my chinny-chin-chin.

Libélula said...

Mmm!!! I loooove a good Mango!!! Especially he mess they make...