Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Me, myself and I...

I AM heartbroken and it's obvious. At a birthday party I went to today, the waiter wrote me a poem and it had something to do with the look in my eyes...

I WANT to finally close this chapter of my life. I need a new adventure.

I WISH I were someone else sometimes. This doesn't mean that I don't like being me but I would like a different perspective.

I WONDER why I am not enough. Or maybe I'm too much?

I REGRET very few things. But it's done and it's over so I move on.

I AM NOT where I thought I would be.

I DANCE most weekends. And I do it enthusiastically because dancing is my one GOOD excuse for not going to the gym.

I AM NOT ALWAYS punctual even though I try to always be. This is where my inner German meets my inner Dominican.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS stuff that's absolutely useless like paper airplanes or crazy drawings.

I WRITE because it's the only way I can truly express what I feel. I talk plenty but writing works best.

I CONFUSE the hell out of most people. And it's not because I am a complicated person, but because I am complex ;)

I NEED to find peace.

I SHOULD take more risks.

I START too many things of which about half remain undone until I pick them up again years later.

I FINISH eating first most times. My meals are usually smaller and I have no patience to stay sitting at the table for hours on end.

I TAG whoever feels like it.


jackt said...

Nice. But please don't tag me. I have lots of unfinished things to tend to. ;)

gotbrains? said...

You should NEVER think you're not enough. If it's not meant to be, then so be it. But, you're plenty.