Sunday, May 28, 2006

Of gas and tank tops...

I'm slowly recovering from what was surely a surreal weekend- well, long weekend, as I started it Thursday. It had been a while since I had slept so little. I was thinking about writing at length about how it went but I think I'm just going to highlight the basics...

1. He who must not be named was in town. Temporarily, we went back to our most "natural state"
2. Birthday parties are fun!
3. Dancing is fun
4. Free drinks are fun
5. Having excessive amounts of free tickets for one particular event is awesome
6. I was sad but I didn't cry
7. My friends are far too vivacious. Marlene and Yuri are too much fun.
8. Deep Dish: I am still waiting for The World Is Mine and Dreams...but what a night!
9. Seeing Bracuta in a tanktop for the first time ever was priceless.
10. When your ride dies because it ran out of gas in the middle of the highway at dawn, that can be fun
11. You know you love your mom when you stay up all night and then stay awake just so she can have you around for mother's day.
12. Adrian and Maria are too good to me.

There is more but I forget...maybe it'll come back to me later. If so, I'll write about it then.

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Bracuta said...

Well, eventhough you didn't hear "Dreams" they did play it.. but don't worry, I sang and danced for you...