Friday, June 16, 2006

Better do better...

I am obsessed with a song. Better Do Better by Hard-Fi. Great song...and I have to apologize to Annina ahead of time because this morning was only the first of the many times I intend to request they play the song on her station.

But she undestands my appreciation. When I called her this morning we got to talking about it and we agree that the song should be like an anthem...because seriously, not everyone who writes about something as depressing as someone who cheated trying to get back with them can fully grasp what that's like.

Whoever wrote that song DEFINITELY went through can't feel heartache by association...

Well, I guess...that's what normal people go through though...if i were normal and had something like that happen to me I would probably react the way the song describes.

But I am not (normal that is).

When I have experienced heartache, I go out and I party and I shop. Because even if you feel like shit, on the outside you should look good. And even if you are dying, when surrounded by people, you should act like you've never been better. No need to give someone the satisfaction of knowing that they destroyed your life (unless of course you are me and 500 parties and outfits later you post it on the internet for the whole world to know). HWMNBN calls it endebting, heart numbing self destruction.

But yeah...this post is pointless...happy Friday...have a good the song.


Libélula said...

I am also obsessed with that song, especialy after what hapenned to me on Saturday...Es que te juro que me dieron ganas de decirle
"You think I'm going to take you back
You better do better than that
I'll tell you how it's going to be
Don't you never ever come near me"

Awesome song, dude

jackt said...

"if you feel like shit, on the outside you should look good."

Yet another classic line from AITSWD.

AVA said...

I can't believe I haven't listened to it yet!! I'll download it tonight when I get home.

cloklis said...

i wrote a complete post with that song in the background. It gives it the perspective i was looking for.

that song is the best!!!!!!!