Thursday, June 29, 2006

Some of me in a nutshell...

As tagged by Yvette:

10 years ago... It was my HS graduation ( graduation was June 29)...I was late. I didn't get a chance to blow dry my hair so by the end of it I looked like Mafalda. Yvette had come back from Miami to attend. I still have a picture of her, Amanda and me on my dresser from that day. Surprisingly enough, my father came along with my half-sister and step mother. It was awkward. You can even tell from the pictures. In the ones I took with them I looked like I didn't belong there (or they didn't). My mom had a graduation party for me. That was nice. She was so happy.

5 years ago...I was living in Miami...that was the first of the three months I lasted there. I hung out with
Yvette and Ramon a lot. Of course, while there they were my only friends. I was so unhappy there. All that freaking rain!!! I spent my time cleaning and fixing things. I dont' know why back then I felt so handy.

1 year ago... I was living in NY and was extremely depressed!! HWMNBN and I had just had the "let's be friends" talk for the first time a few days before. I was miserable so as a result I was bankrupt. I went shopping and spent every last dollar I had and quite a few I didn't have in clothes. Then I went out and partied my heart out. I was a stylish, broke, party animal. hahahaha

Yesterday... I went to school and took my Chemistry midterm. I am convinced that the Gods of Algebra and Trigonometry felt sorry for me so they came to my rescue. I talked to my mom and
brother for like hours. In order to unwind, I went out with Yuri and some other people to Segafredo. Had a few drinks and then came home.

Today... I went to class, I went to the gym, I had coffee with
Yuri, I saw my first step father who I hadn't seen in a good 3 years. Apparently that dream I had yesterday just had to do with the fact that he was coming back to me (somehow). Then I cme home and Marlene came over with her new puppy. Sparky almost ate him. Oops.

Tomorrow... I have yet another midterm but I get out of school early. I will also go to the gym. Rumor has it I am going out with
Yuri tomorrow but it's still too early to tell...

1 year from now... I will probably be elsewhere hopefully doing well.

5 years from now... I hope I'll have a child by then...hopefully I'll be all sorts of happy then.

5 snacks I enjoy... cookies, yogurt, fruits, granola, pretzels.

5 songs I know all the words to... according to
Scene It I am a walking jukebox so no need to list 5...

5 reality television shows I watch... I don't watch TV.

5 television shows I watch daily... I don't watch TV.

5 things I would do with $100,000,000... (1) Buy a house in DR, one in the US and another one somewhere in Europe(2)Buy my mom and brothers whatever house they want wherever they want (3) Invest in
Ivan's project (4) Set up a foundation to send gifted underpriviledged in foreign exchange programs (5)Give Gus the rest so he can invest it

5 locations I would love to run away to... Italy, Tahity, Cannes, Bali, Dubai

5 things I like doing... Reading, going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, working on my photo albums, being outdoors.

5 things I would never wear... my thong sticking out of my pants/skirt/shorts, fanny packs, a string bikini, granny panties, those ugly ass old lady dresses.

5 recently seen movies I like... I haven't been to the movies since The Corpse Bride and I saw it in Spanish so I don't remember liking it...

5 famous people I'd like to meet... Angelina Jolie, Kofi Annan, Brian Weiss (I have met him before but I would like a more extensive chat), The Dalai Lama, and Gustavo Cisneros.

5 biggest joys of the moment... The prospect of the future, self-awareness, my new bathing suit :D, pink nail polish, and good health for me and my loved ones.

(in case you are wondering, that means YOU!)


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gotbrains? said...

Was it really just 5 years ago that you were here? I knew 10 was too much, but I thought it was more than 5 years ago? Damn, time flies.

All you did was clean and cook. I ate well for those three months. =p

local wannabe said...

... great time for a new bathing suit ... hope we get to see you in it soon ;p ...