Thursday, June 29, 2006

An over active imagination or a warning...

Last night I dreamt that for whatever reason I was sharing a room in a cabin with J, my old step sister (she is not old...just no longer my step sister), her boyfriend, P, our hot family doctor, Jazmin, my old step niece but as a baby, and some guy who I assumed was Jazmin's father. In the same cabin but in another room were my mother, Jonathan, my step nephew also as a young child, and 2 other people I couldn't make out.

Anyway, I dreamt that I helped J go to bed because I was under the impression that she was really stoned (I don't know why because J never even really drank or even smoke cigarrettes) but that she started getting really sick. So I helped her go to the bathroom but she was a little on the heavy side so we fell and she hit herself in the head really badly so I dragged her back to the room where she started convulsing so I woke up the doctor and I told him what had happened and I also told him she was stoned so he checked her out and went through the trash only to find that she was really on heroin and that what I thought was head trauma, was her OD'ing.

So he gives her an IV full of something and we go back to sleep. A little while later, I wake up to J's boyfriend strangling me for God knows whatever reason so I start screaming and miraculously J wakes up too but not the doctor. Both of them, in their weakness, are trying to kill me. At this point, baby Jazmin and the guy I think was her father walks in and witnesses what was going on and wakes up the doctor. We tried to calm them down and he gave them a sedative but somehow it backfired.

Somehow everyone ended up in this balcony and while J went back to convulsing, the boyfriend sommersaulted to his death. Shortly thereafter, J died.

Everyone was there but nobody noticed.

That dream was the closest I've ever been to seeing anyone die.

That dream was my first experience with heroin.

That dream scared the living hell out of me and when I opened my eyes I was scared of what I was about to see.

I wish I could talk to J...

I am swearing off Stoli.

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gotbrains? said...

Umm.. Dr. Freud says you're a freak!! =)