Saturday, July 22, 2006

Everyone's on vacation...or returning

"I'll call you when I get back. We'll have pita chips!"

"Call me when you get back, we'll DEFINITELY do lunch!"

"We have to get together as soon as I come back! We'll have drinks!"

"I want to see you when you come back. We are so hanging out when you do!"

"I am baaaaaaaaaack! We have to get together! What are you doing tonight?!?!?!"

"I am leaving to xxxx city next week...we need to work on that going away party! "

(Sometimes life is like being stuck in a chapter from Bergdorf Blondes)


Bracuta said...

Dudeeeee!!!! I'm back!!!!!! (lol)

melaza said...

YA LLEGUE !!!!!!!!
nice blog

Grant said...

Let me know when (if) you're back in Marietta - we'll do lunch, babe.

Libélula said...

The first one's meeeeeeee!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! I'm back!!!