Friday, August 18, 2006

less tampered with

I've been having a lot of fun since I found all of those really old pictures the other day. I have sent a couple of them to a few people and the reactions have been nothing like I expected. Apparently some people like to believe that they were born hot, trendy and successful. HA!

Exhibit A:
I found a picture of G and I sitting on my bedroom floor something like 10 years ago. Although he still looks EXACTLY the same, he has since come out of the closet, become a successful ---, and as you might expect, he never left small town, NJ. I sent him the picture and apparently the color and style of his hair which was, aside from the frosted tips exactly the same as it is now, an insult to the person he is now. And of course, because I have the picture it is all my fault. Because I was around back then, it is all my fault that he left the house with THAT hair.

Exhibit B:
There is a picture of E and I hanging out somewhere. The picture was also taken 10+ years ago. Back in the day she was an attractive girl, albeit chubby and a little awkward but she has since grown into herself and is now one of the most attractive females I know. Anyway, I sent her the picture via
Myspace and she deleted it completely. In her mind, she has never looked like that. She has never worn pants that were tight and went all the way up to her bellybutton along with an army sweatshirt and sneakers. She was never a brunette (because now her hair is auburn) and she was born with bouncy layered hair. And how could I forget, she was always a size 4!

Exhibit C:
I sent our friend M 2 pictures. One taken circa 1995 and another one taken about 1997. Well, let's see, he started out by calling me a bitch for having those pictures, then he went on about how stupid he looked back then meanwhile the only thing that has since changed about his appearance is that he now has less hair. Even the goatee is the same. Oh and the pictures got us into an argument because he has since also gotten married and apparently he wasn't allowed to exist before he met her. Acknowledging that he existed before her and that he had friends and stuff is "disrespectful" to her and a reason for her to be jealous.

hmmm...okay. That makes sense being jealous over something that happened 10+ years ago before you came into the picture with FRIENDS you haven't really seen since then. (Psycho)

Exhibit D:
Yvette. See comments on the HS reunion post.

It's funny how the past can become such an insult to our current situation and how our memories become so selective that we only remember the positive of how things were. It's kinda like our parents telling us stories about how hot they were back int he day and then you find a picture of them with
Farrah Fawcett hair and bellbottoms. (sorry mom). But back then that was the style so I can't try to measure her to today's standard of beauty.

Alright so back then I was fat, and maybe I wore too much flannel, and too much makeup, and that haircut was probably the worse thing I've ever done to myself since I ate that shrimp on purpose so I wouldn't have to go to school. But that was me. Now I know better but the old me still makes me smile. As it should make each of us smile. That version of ourselves had been less tampered with.


Grant said...

I take comfort in such things since they remind me that I've improved with age. I would hate to look at an old photo and think I look exactly the same, or that I've gone downhill.

quico said...

That should be the attitude. To look at the past as stepping towards a better present, but if not better so be it...But not be embarrased by how one has been.

PS: Annush, please do something about those ads, they are annoying really.

gotbrains? said...

I never wore my jeans up to my belly button, I don't know what you're talking about. Too much flannel?? What is flannel? Red lipstick and hoop earrings? Ick. OH! Let's not forget the bodysuits and Converse sneakers! I still miss my Chicago Bulls Starter jacket..

Lord, we thought we were cool? Well, we were cool back then. That was the corny style. Just like 10 years from now we'll be walking around more naked than we already do saying things like, "I can't believe I wore hip hugger jeans.. they were practically at my neck!! I was such a dork."

annush said...

That was the corny style...yes..BUT I never wore RED lipstick, or bodysuits, or converse sneakers, and definitely not a starter jacket.

I was SO not into the homie look!

I remember my doc martens and my gray peacoat, and my obsession with overalls and babydoll dresses. Oh and of course, flannels and concert tees :P