Tuesday, October 17, 2006

days, mating, rituals and stuff that makes me tingly all over ;)

I am tired of birthdays and I am tired of buying presents. This birthday thing has gotten on my last nerve. Since September I have been to 1234567890 birthday parties, sent out 1234567890 birthday emails/cards more, and dished out money for 1234567890 presents.


At times like these I feel like there should be a ban on holiday sex. I mean, seriously. All the people who have birthdays in September/October were conceived during the holidays and Valentine's Day...all that joy, the season for giving...blah!

Work wore me out more than usual today so I am beyond tired, and am super moody. The only positive thing about today is that perrito officially has a name:
Klimt. He appears to like it, though I am certain that he will be like those Dominicans from the countryside who have names like Juan but everyone calls them Pedro. Even though Klimt is his official name, it is very likely that everyone will forever call him "perrito".

There is a 5K race this weekend and I am thinking about participating. Right now I am the most out of shape I have been in years, but I feel that it is necessary that I should do something to prove to myself that being sick hasn't turned me into absolute shit. I loved to run. I still do. It's so weird how some things define you. I am never so clear as to who I am, as I am when I am running...

9 more days :)

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