Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today I am going on a mini vacation. Actually, I don't know if it can be considered that because there is a purpose to my trip and it's not necessarily all rest and relaxation, but I'll go with that mentality. It'll make me feel better. I'm taking perrito with me too so that will be good.

I'm taking this weekend to dive into work- just elsewhere. Apparently every business idea we have had in the past couple of months has been extremely good and so we have decided to work on all of them. Luckily, all I need for now to get my stuff done is my laptop, a phone, a pencil, and a smile because I can't imagine myself spending hours and hours sitting in front of a desk.

Also, I have been preparing myself psychologically for the possibility that I might move. I kept saying that I wanted to leave the country, but as usual I forgot to be specific in terms of my wishing, so it is very likely that I will end up living in the neighbor country of
CAP Cana. (I know that's still DR, but as far as everyone is concerned, that's a separate universe let alone country!) Weirdly enough, I am kind of excited about the idea. I mean really...there are way worse places for me to live! Plus it will do me good. Maybe it's all the pollution that has me sick (or something). In any case, I still have to wait and see how the cookie crumbles because there is a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. For one, my (step) sister is getting married and that has been the beginning and end of every conversation for the past number of weeks.

I wish she'd just elope. So much drama!

Actually, after all the money that's been spent, I wish the wedding day would just get here quick so there would be something else to talk about! I really hate weddings. I do. It seems to me like with the amount of money that you spend on a wedding, you could put a down payment on a house, which ultimately would be more useful than a wedding. Why is it that society deems it so necessary that you should have to invite everyone and their mother to eat your food and drink your alcohol just so you can make a vow of eternal monogamy?



Anonymous said...

Do I sense some Jealousy??

Anonymous said...

Annush, I agree with you.. My wedding was very small, it took me couple of weeks(probably 4)to put it together. Instead of a big wedding I opted for a down payment on a house.. which I'm enjoying everyday.


annush said...

jealousy? hardly...i actually feel very bad for her...the feuds that come when your family is split can be really traumatizing. Unfortunately her family hasn't reached a level of civilization most people can feel comfortable with.