Sunday, November 12, 2006

so much enthusiasm I tell you!

I am such a groupie. Seriously.

Friday night I was a cranky mess because I wanted to go see
my boyfriend and the other woman perform but didn't because they were performing at an UNSAFE SUBSTANDARD VENUE (and I am still boycotting). Sometimes though the stars align just right so that good things will happen to me. I tell you, it's like karmatic: I am a weird good person, so weird good things happen to me. Ha!

As you might recall,
the day I met my hottie I couldn't talk to him for a variety of reasons (the Principessa pressuring me, his hotness, and then the small detail of the above average girlfriend). It was a very traumatic day for me. Really.

Last night's party was good. It wasn't like last week's party by any means (too many people, still no vodka, not enough
house often bordering too much on minimal) but it was still a pretty decent way to spend a Saturday night. Okay, so 30 minutes after we got there we had to leave to get some flip flops and buy some decent drinks to smuggle into the party but once we got back we had fun.

Towards the end of the night, as I danced with my friends I looked across the hangar and it was then that I spotted him:
VJ V2.

"That's my boyfriend! That's my boyfriend!" I said.

And somehow I got the balls to walk on over and talk to him. The lovely
Miss Collins who is a very interesting character herself, was standing with him by the stage but I didn't care. Actually, it wasn't until after I introduced myself to him that I noticed but once I did I said hi to her too but continued my conversation with my favorite VJ. It was great. We talked for about 15 minutes, which may not sound like a lot but in real Ana time that's like a lifetime! He told me about their gig the night before and how "LOFT SUCKS BECAUSE THE POWER WENT OUT 3 TIMES AND THE SOUND IN THAT PLACE IS HORRIBLE". He told me about the after party that kept him up until an ungodly hour, and he told me about their (Paul, Sandra, him and Jonathan) MySpace broadcast next week.

I am so giddy today that I'm going to leave you with the check them all out...he promised me six hours of techno goodness! :)

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Oh and a note to Alberto, German, Eny, Socrates and all the other people who often take pictures of me when I am out partying: "Where do you go when I really need a picture taken?!?!?"


Bracuta said...

Uhhh... I was there... should've called me BEFORE your conversation ended and I had left the party!

nascosta said...

le pega su nombre muy bien al senor.