Friday, November 03, 2006

They better not be Communists or Terrorists!

The fine people of the One Movement were kind enough to invite me to what promises to be a very cool party. I can't figure out what exactely this movement is supossed to be and we all remember what happened the last time I went to support a cause I wasn't completely familiar with! In any case, I am going to go. House music is good. Robbie Rivera is good. The guest list is good. The location is good.

If there is a cause to this movement other than the obvious, it BETTER be good.


nascosta said...

entonce, dike al final era una cerveza??

Alexei Tellerias said...

not communists... not terrorists... it was a BEER advertising campaign! And, to be honest, the beer sucked!

But it was nice to see you arround :D

nisti2 said...

mielkina... yo keria ir pa ese priveesito :S!

annush said...

It was sooooo much fun!!
(beer and all)

Proximamente: Wink and Carola

A.Hidalgo said...

I looked at the web page of The One Movement, and they do support groups that wave with their LEFT hands. Nothing wrong with that, but just thought you should know.