Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My analysis of The One.

The One turned out to be a beer.

Yet, non beer drinking me has got to give them props for the concept.

What's more, I have to give them props for that privee. That was an excellent party! Not only was it beautifully executed in terms of location (but I still hate that floor) and logistics, it took rebelliousness to a higher level: The curfew thing and the admission things were taken a step further.

The curfew
I don't know at exactely what time the party ended, I do know though that at 1:45am they took their beer and let the music play. From what I've heard, the party went on until some time past 2:00am. Hard to say though because every Dominican I know has issues telling a story accurately. In my opinion though, it could have gone on forever and nobody- including the authorities- would have noticed, and even if they had, after 2:00am it was an alcohol free house party. No laws were being broken there!

The admission thing
So some people are going to call whoever put the guest list together, sexist, racist, classist, and every other word ending with the suffix i-s-t. That may be true. In my Public relations driven opinion, that guest list was worth its weight in gold. A strike of genious if I may say so myself. Only pretty people and pretty party people were invited. I recognized 90% of the faces in the place, even if I wasn't necessarily friends with them. And not only was the party by invitation, they actually controlled who went in and out of the building. By name. Even the few people from the media who were there were familiar faces!

They have a website. To be "considered" for invitations to future parties, you have to fill out a registration form that is so specific that they can easily say "I want to invite only 24 year old females whose first name start with the letter C, live in houses in Los Cacicazgos and have Verizon cell phones with an 809 area code". Like I said before, and when I arrived at the party, this database they are creating is priceless. The event managers knew who to invite the first time, and in a small society such as this it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who they would bring as their one guest. These people were all registering. These people are their target market.

I don't know how they are planning to introduce their product into the mainstream. For at least a day though, I know that everyone who surrendered their keys to the valet at the venue had a six pack of One beer to share with their friends (or drink on their own). Maybe their product isn't really a beer and this was just a product they created to identify with a cause that we are still unsure of what it is; however, for the time being this is pretty cool. Even if I hate beer.

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