Sunday, December 03, 2006

Times they are a' changing...

I feel like I'm partaking in an adventure. It's been two days and I have yet to start flipping out or get nervous or anything like that. I'm hopeful and that is a strong powerful thing.

Today I was stitting in the backyard by the water and it ocurred to me that I am changing. That this past year changed me and I don't know if it was for the better or what but I feel like I'm different and that's enough I guess. I've done a lot of things I sad I'd NEVER do (again or ever) and I am still here. Maybe stronger, maybe weaker, but I am here.

I seem to have found support for this move in an unlikely ally. Maybe I shouldn't be so trusting but I feel safe...something else I said I wouldn't consider and there it is.

The 100 things about me post has been updated. In looking for reaffirmation that I wasn't just PMSing when I felt unlike myself I looked there and some things needed changing. Go look.

I'll be writing again soon. Until then I leave you with Jap girl. She is having a blast!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new adventure.
Enjoy every minute of it as if it is the last one.!!!!

♥PRiNCiPeSSa♥ said...

japancita wants to party! =P

Alexei Tellerias said...

good luck annush! you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Annush, Good luck !