Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A wink and a smile

Sometimes the only thing that a woman needs to feel good about life again is a hairdresser and knee socks. I know that this sounds very Elle Woods of me, but it's true. Miraculuosly all of yesterday's existential issues began to work themselves out at 6:00am this morning when I realized that I could in fact wear a miniskirt and not be cold because I have knee socks and then were completly gone by the time I spotted a hair and nail place near my school during my luch break.

Voila! happy and cute :)

I don't think I give my friends as much credit as I should...After I wrote yesterday's post I realized that even though my friends weren't physically present yesterday when I felt I needed them, it was a friend who helped me pick out my dinner, albeit by phone, it was a friend who kept me amused all day during class via text messages, and it was a friend who kissed me good night and promised me a date tomorrow. In reality I have it better than a lot of people who manage to have people around them all the time!

Clarity of mind comes so easy after running. I've taken up running again. Actually, jogging because my knee still hates me after that injury; but five miles a day isn't bad...even if it's in slow motion.

I wonder how Perrito is doing...I also wonder a whole lot of other stuff but I'll let life surprise me. That's always fun.

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