Wednesday, January 31, 2007

There is no "I" in "TEAM".

Some things are far better to do alone than they are to do with other people. Not that I have any issues with people or with having company; however, I feel that certain things need a certain degree of skill and if you don't have it then by trying to help you are just an accident waiting to happen.

But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't at least do something!

Back when I was in Santo Domingo, we used to have sushi parties.
Yuri was our sushi chef and I was the sous-chef. The only little problem was that I don't know how to make sushi and I can't touch seafood so basically I was a sous chef in title only. My only responsabilities while Yuri was cooking was to keep her drink fresh, light her cigarrettes and keep people away from her.

This was my responsability and I took it seriously!

I cook quite often but normally I cook by myself so I have no need for moral support or anything like that. Lately this has changed though. With all the guests I've been having, it's only natural that I should feed them. Needles to say, I've been cooking up a storm and while I cook, they sit on the counter and watch me.

This pisses me off. It's like when you are driving and your friend is in the passenger seat and an hour later there is still no music on! if you are in the passenger seat of a car, at least be a good co-pilot and play with the iPOd!

Anyway, last night I was cooking for like 4 hours straight. At the end of the first hour, I just HAD to yell at Nicole, who had been sitting on the counter just chatting for a while.

"At least pour me a drink woman! Don't you know the rules?"
"There are rules?"
"Of course there are rules! There are rules for everything..."

I think you can have a group project done by one person; however, the team members need to do something- anything- so that everyone can at least feel like they were a part of that you don't feel like you got suckered into doing something you wouldn' t have otherwise done. Or simply so that the process is more fun.

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Gabemaster said...

I don't know why but I got hungry reading your post. What da hell were you cooking for 4 hours? A whole pig? j/k, I know you are a veggie :P