Sunday, February 25, 2007

...still raining...

* My ulcer is coming back.
* I lost my wallet with EVERYTHING in it.


But I got some long distance love.
You make me perfect.
I love roaming.


Dr. Sparky said...

I'll send your wallet back in the morning. I just wanted to look at the pictures.

Friend said...

I'm sorry to hear that...chear up good things are ahead of you...i hope so!

Bracuta said...

Dude! Here I was feeling all kinds of sad for you, so I thought maybe I'd be a good friend and join the stream of bad luck. In your honor last night I tripped on some stairs and today I have a shiny new orange cast!
Did you lose your phone too????

Gabemaster said...

You'll be allright. You still have plenty of people who care about you.