Thursday, March 22, 2007

alka seltzer, advil and a bottle of water please.

Well, all I gotta say is that if I wasn't depressed yesterday, I am depressed today.

God I am such a fucking idiot!

It is so funny how drinks can have a different effect on you when there is something on your mind. One drink feels like 50 and next thing you know you are a blubbering drunk. And you say things...perhaps things that you really needed to say except that it was neither the time or place. Or even exactly what you thought you meant so the next day you wake up confused, dehydrated and with an overwhelming feeling of pain in my heart.

Migz says that I wasn't bad. I mean, I was bad but not embarrassingly drunk. I believe him, but something inside me tells me that if I didn't cross the line, I was quite close to it. And I know I said things, and did some things I shouldn't have- I just wish I could remember what they were.

...because it's funny that although I can remember every detail of both parties, I can't remember what it was that today has me so anguished...

So yeah...I don't know if I should play stupid or attempt to apologize for something I don't even remember... I guess I'll figure it out the party...while I am dancing around with a bottle of water on my hand.

Anyway, last night I was at at the Hotel Victor for an afternoon of Deep Soulful Latin House and then some Bob Sinclair. After that we all headed on over to SoBe Live for some Bugz in the Attic Vs. Jazzanova. All fun stuff.

I got to see some of my very good friends and that made me immensely happy...

Definitely not bad for day one.

Today we have some Cielo at the Raleigh Hotel, Benji B and Kruder & Dorfmeister at the Delano, and to end the night some more house music at Club Deep.


Bracuta said...

So I'm guessing it was your turn for "inside outside", right?

Miss nina said...

Wow excellent music!