Tuesday, March 06, 2007

God closes a door but opens a window...

So I moved.

And I've gone through hell and back getting my shit together but LIFE isn't cooperating with me. I think I'm being tested. I sure I am.

The latest things in the list of horrible things that have happened to me is that I bought myself a super duper TV, threw out the instruciton manual and now I can't get it to work, my BRAND NEW refrigerator refuses to make ice so when they came to fix it they fuckt up my floor. Let's see what else...oh I get my computer back and now my internet card won't work.

But the silver lining...because there is always a silver lining...

I have a date with the guy who crashed into my car the other day...I mean, he did fix my car, and hooked me up with a nice rental in the process...I have a HOT neighbor, I got my computer back, turns out that my new building has bilt in wi-fi, even though I can't actually watch TV, I can see on my TV screen what I would normally watch on my laptop, and I have found new friends!

Things could be worse...sure...but considering how bad they are, each bad thing has bought something pretty good along with it.

I still think I am lucky.

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