Friday, June 15, 2007

The curse of the chubby guy...

Some people say that REALLY hot guys are assholes.

These days, I have to differ.

There seems to be an epidemic of hot chicks falling in love with chubby guys. You know, the "nice" guys, the ones who don't get most of the attention. The ones who have to build their personality A LOT because God didn't exactly bless them with a Brad Pitt like physique and don't have the motivation to work on what they have.

By the same token, there seems to be an epidemic of hot girls being heart broken left and right by the aforementioned guys. These guys, who have girls who would normally be out of their league, have girls crying themselves to sleep every night and drinking themselves to oblivion because they are not ready to be in a relationship/ can't commit to them even though they claim they love them/ don't feel they deserve someone that good/ have the nerve to say that they don't like hottie girl.

But then they lead them on. They play the nice guy act as they steal kisses, share moments, and make plans for things that will never come because of some random mysterious reason nobody ever understands- except for them, of course [that is assuming they do!].

Then comes the hot guy who is usually a more confident guy, perhaps a little cocky but it's okay because the wrapping of the package is superior. He walks into the room and gets your attention. No promises are made, there is no long term. The lifespan of that "relationship" is as long as it is. Hot guy has potential to be an asshole but he is not for the simple fact that he doesn't lead you to believe anything. If you get hurt, you weren't paying attention.

Yet hottie girls aren't digging hot guys these days maybe because they are tired of the game, or maybe because the appeal of the nice guy really can be now chubby guys are dilluting themselves into thinking that their behavior is justified because there is a market for them. Maybe after being the ones who have gotten hurt in the past, they are subconsciously trying to be the ones playing the mind-games.

Perhaps this is the karma of the hot girl...perhaps our world is changing and the self esteem issues are shifting. The fact of the matter is that people's hearts are fragile and hot or not nobody should be entitled to mess with anyone's heart or mind. Especially not the chubby guy.


♥PRiNCiPeSSa♥ said...

chubby men... cant live with em cant live without em!!

Spider Girl said...

My best (hottie) friend just got engaged to a chubby guy...he's very nice but it only took him seventeen years to pop the question. :)

Reda said...

I love my chubby guy. :D

-Reda, Hottie Girl from Santo Domingo