Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Secret

Recently, my friend Vilma gave me the book "The Secret" so I could keep myself amused during the rainy weekend. Ever since I saw part of an interview with its author on Oprah some months back, I'd been interested in reading the book though for some reason or another I always forgo to get it each time I walked into Barnes and Noble.

I was really happy when she gave it to me and put it on my kitchen counter so that I'd remember to take it with me when I went to get my legs waxed/hairdresser/manicurist etc. But it stayed there for days. It wasn't until I got sick that I got the chance to read it and I must say that I read the book in one sitting and it changed my life.

On the most part, I like self-help books but mostly because I find them entertaining. I take things for what they are and unless is something obvious like "Plumbing for dummies" I don't really expect much from someone's ideas of how I should live my life- if that makes any sense. Usually, I take the scientific approach to most things and that's the reason why I have so many issues believing in God...

This book though is amazing! I had a much better time internalizing the concept of God as energy than I would have had the concept remained that of God. There was a scientific explanation I could relate to and an impressively logical explanation as to how we create our own lives and how our thoughts become things.

My friend Michelle has this blog where she is always talking about creating our own lives and if before I thought she was a little nutty (and still do because some of the stuff she says is just too weird for me), I now understand better what she is trying to say because on the most part, what she says is based on this (if you take out the God aspect of it).

Since I read the book I've been trying to practice living differently. Instead of finding things to bitch about I praise things. I am imagining a different life for that involves children and laughter. I am not obsessing about things, but taking them in stride. These days, I am the epitome of positivity!

...and I think that it has worked and each day I see it more and more. Things are happening that I have no other way of explaining other than by saying that I envisioned them happening.

Maybe it's a strange coincidence. Maybe this was meant to happen. Maybe I am creating a new life for myself. Hard to say what it is. But I like myself like this. And just in case, I'll continue to try it...

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