Friday, June 08, 2007

We are all equal under the law...except for Paris Hilton, of course!

I have lost my faith in the system.

Until recently (recently being yesterday) I believed that the American judicial system was fair. All that stuff that I grew up hearing about all citizens being equal under the law, stuff that I vehemently believed, has been proven nothing more than a load of crap.

Yesterday I learned that when you are rich, young and slutty you are above the law. You are above judicial sentences. You are above the rest of us mere mortals. Hell, you are even above those like you.

Some years back, Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading. Martha Stewart is an old lady who was sentenced to jail because she made some money. Her crime didn't hurt anybody, and yet in her old age she was sent to jail and lived among the inmates until she served her time.

Fast forward a few years and Paris Hilton gets a DUI. She was driving intoxicated posing a risk to herself and others all for the sake of getting a burger. Okay. She gets probation, alcohol education, fines and a suspended license.

Does she go to alcohol education class? No. Does she stop driving? No. She got caught once and she signed a document acknowledging that her license was suspended. She was given a break. She gets caught AGAIN. Still hasn't gone to alcohol education class, her license is still suspended. She gets a court date and gets sentenced to 40 days in jail. Everyone says that she will only do 23. But it's okay because justice is being served.

Comes jail time and she gets her own cell for her safety. I mean, Martha Stewart's safety was never questioned, neither was Michelle Rodriguez's, neither has Joe Francis'... But this is Paris Hilton and she is special so she gets her own space. Fine. At least she is doing her time. Three days later her lawyer and psychiatrist managed to somehow convince the Sheriff that there is something so wrong with Paris that she can't stay in prison, so in a most benevolent act he sends her home with a monitoring device to finish her sentence. According to him " punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice."

The irony of that statement flabbergasts me!

Anyway, everyone gets pissed off including the judge who sentenced her so she has to go back to court today at 9:00am PST but, you know, her hair and make-up people came over and she can't leave her house a mess so she didn't leave her house until 10:25PST.

How does this happen?

Had it been you or me or anybody else our ass would still be in jail! I love how people keep saying that she was imprisoned for a traffic violation...Did everyone forget that her license was suspended because of drunk driving?!?!?! Has everyone lost sight of the fact that she is not the first person to be sentenced to time in prison for that very thing???

But we must all feel sorry for poor little Paris Hilton...just like we must all feel sorry for poor little Lindsay Lohan who crashed her car while driving under the influence (and she is underaged mind you!) and she'll probably get away with it because she went to rehab!

The media circus is responsible for creating a breed of people who are seemingly superior thereby paving the way for a two tier legal system. The one thing that we had that was fair, at least to an extent, no longer exists. We now live in a place where special people get special treatment beyond the extents of the velvet ropes.

And what's more, tax payers money are subsidizing this royal waste of time...


Anonymous said...

habeas corpus. by fucking with her back and fourth they're violating her civil rights. be sure her lawyers are on top of it

annush said...

"a writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum is a court order addressed to a prison official (or other custodian) ordering that a prisoner be brought before the court so that the court can determine whether that person is serving a lawful sentence or should be released from custody"

what are you talking about?